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Neposim D-bol


When taking small levels of D-bol(10mg) daily, is an antiestrogen needed?

Also, what are suggestions of cycle length for beginners to d-bol and possible supplements for ending such cycle.

I am considering Neposim as opposed to British Dragon or others mainly because of price. Any personal feedback from such companies?

Thank you guys,


Yeah I noticed the same thing when I was browsing through a popular AAS site. I hope someone can answer it as I'm interested in the answer as well.


You should not need an anti estrogen at that dosage, that being said some are more sensitive than others so a little nolvadex on hand never hurts. Naposims are great if you can trust your source, thereare alot of fake naps out there.


How long should a first time cycle of neposim dbol at 10mg be?

Just to be safe, how long into your cycle would you start your anti E? Immediately or delayed by 1-3 weeks?

I have read taking anti Es will reduce gears effects. Would i then need to bump up dosage to 15-20mg/day?

Thanks everyone.


There are 1000's and 1000's of articles on many websites that answer every question you can every imagine about D-Bol. How about you take a second to do some research before wasting our time. And why on earth would you take that little of DBol, and only Dbol, for that short of time? You must be in Highschool... Go take some CellTech or something buddy.


I'm not sure 10mg of D-bol would do ya much good anyway. I think I'm gonna start with 30mg/day spaced out in 10mg doses.



i have done research and have a hard time finding consistent info on d-bol cycles therefore the thread.

but thanks for you less than intellegent comments.


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thanks power 83,

one more question for ya

why would only dianabol/anti E in a cycle be a bad thing?

i mean i know it would have far less positive results but it would be safer right.

stacking steriods creates a synergistic effect correct? so I you are on only one oral you will still see results just not as dramatic right?

thanks to any helpful T-Nation members


Sounds like plate stacker's on 50mg ED.


I guess it depends on your age. I was stacking Anadrol with Test prop but then I realized at my age 22 almost 23 there was no need for me to be adding Test to my body just yet. I also am going to be taking only D-bol and an anti-E, I do expect less results than if I were to stack it with Winny or Test (or both). But I just don't feel comfortable adding Testosterone to my body again just yet.


damn bro that is a bit ahrsh isnt it?


Assuming you are over 21 and have all of your training and diet in check (i am too lazy to check) i would start with 20 mg a day to start with an go from there. from what i have read using a SERM like nolva does not hinder gains, it just prevents estrogenic effects (like water retention) which could make you appear less full and minimize strength a tad.

here is a quick exceprt:
Nolvadex does not block any of the gear receptor sites, so it does not make any gear less effective. A lot of people believe it does simply because when they use a high androgenic compound (ie. testosterone), they lose a few pounds of weight and some strength (a bloated muscle/joint is stronger). This is simply because Nolvadex blocks the estrogen receptor sites, so you don't hold as much water (estrogen causes water retention). However, the gear that you are taking is still working the same at building muscle.

obviously you arent using test and probably wont even need nolva with this low dose but it never hurts to have some on hand.