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I live in Ontario, Canada, go to University and get my NEPA from walking to classes and occasionally to cafeterias. However I am looking to increase it. Any suggestions on increasing it when pretty much everything on campus is stairs not elevators?


Take a longer route.


Since you're in college, I'm assuming you sit at your computer alot (in your dorm room or wherever). Try making an effort to get out of your chair every 15-30 minutes or so and move around. Stretch or something.


I've thought about hitting up craigslist whenever I have nothing to do to help people move their houses/apartments for some cash. You would get some work in and a little cash for your efforts. Just a thought...


Cool idea


I don't quite understand your last sentence. The stairs would be a great way to increase your NEPA, but from the way you wrote it you make it sound like a bad thing.

  1. Walk on your hands.
  2. Add 10 pound weights your wrists and ankles.
  3. Find a planet with 10X gravity, move your university there and problem solved.
  4. Hold a 135 pound barbell overhead and walk/run/dance.

Seriously, this is the IDEAL forum for a first post of this kind. Great going.


Walk an extra five miles a day.

It's not complicated.


But a dog, walk it 10x a day



I still don't understand his sentence about stairs...someone help me if he doesn't tell me!


Just meant that most people's suggestion for increasing NEPA is to "take the stairs not elevator." That's not a suggestion I cannot apply simply because everything here is pretty much only stairs.


I'm with tribunaldude. I mean, basically you're asking for advice on how to walk more. On a bodybuilding forum. You're in Ontario, there's lots of snow out there right now. Go play in it instead of posting on a forum.


AHHHH double negatives!!! NOOOOOOO!!!


Plant carrotz. Harvest them. Eat the CARROTTZZZZ


He's foreign lol. What do you expect?


Thanks for the suggestion, I'm going to give this a try. Aside from the 90min at the gym, I'm pretty sedentary.


Rough sex.


Burns all kinds of calories.


go to the gym and walk on the treadmil while watching tv.


He's already doing that. Obviously.


Wait-- you're in college and you honestly couldn't think of a way to walk around more?