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NEPA and Stability Balls


Hi guys. I train early in the mornings and have a desk job till early evening. I don't have much time to get in any NEPA, and I often feel almost guilty about being stagnant at the desk all day after the morning workouts.

When I get back home I simply don't have the time for walking/other NEPA (get to bed early so I get enough sleep considering the early wake-up times). Currently I do things such as stretching and stomach vacuums through the day, both as a form of NEPA and to improve flexibility. I have read in some places though, suggestions to get an exercise/stability/swiss ball (whatever you may call it) to have in the office, and use it for 1-2 hours in the day to sit on instead of a chair. This is meant to improve balance, and I was also wondering if it is a form of NEPA since you are constantly working to keep yourself upright and on the ball.

Any ideas/comments/advice?



It probably wouldn't be the worst idea in the world. My only "concern" would be the incredibly, incredibly weird looks you're sure to get from co-workers. But....F'em. If that's all you can manage then it is, in fact, better than nothing. Just be sure not to slouch even though you're on the ball, I've seen people find ways to hunch over while doing shoulder presses on the ball. Fun stuff.

However, do you have a lunch break during the day? Would there be any chance to take a 10-minute walk around the block or something at lunch, before or after you eat? That's actually the first idea that came to mind in this situation.


Hi there. It's a small office, great group of people, so weird looks aint a concern :slight_smile:

I do actually get to take a walk around the block midday, but it's only around 5 minutes. Being so short I am not sure how much it counts. I use it more as a refresher, to get some clean fresh air and sun on my face after being in an office for so long.


Also are there any other NEPA's you can suggest for an office environment?