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Neon Icon Getting Jacked



My takeaway: If I want to be the next Riff Raff I got a long road ahead of me, buddy.


"I stopped doing the cocaines."


Riff Raff cracks me up. I am not the typical underground rap fan, being 40 year old white suburbanite, but I like it. Riff has been on the edge of "making it big" for a while. He's pal's with Action Bronson (one of my favorites) and he's just about the weirdest guys around. Rick Ross is now RossFit, so why not? Good for RR for getting his swole on.


He's from here in Houston. Met him a few years ago at 24hr fitness a couple of years before anyone knew who he was. Doubt he's much over 6' and he's definitely not 210. Be surprised if he's 170. He also has no discernable talent and is a reflection of why our society is in the shitter.


I couldn't watch more than a minute in.


Different strokes, yo.


He graduated from my high school and lived in my neighborhood/part of town. Around here he is an absolute joke. This part of town isn't Beverly Hills by any stretch, but it sure as hell isn't the hood. Homes in this area range from about $100,000 to $400,000. There is a country club about 3 miles from the subdivision he lived in.


I don't think he claims to be from the hood or whatever. He just talks funny.



he's a funny fucker