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Neocons Prefer Hillary Over Paul



A good piece by Andrew Sullivan that summarizes the current political climate, with all the divisions on the right.

As for the title, it's true. You can see it for yourself by going to a site like FreeRepublic.

Certain factions of the right-wing establishment may want to see Hillary serve a term in office in order to destigmatize the Bush admin to the general public.


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Are you sure that's what you meant? Paul is quite a character, and I'm certain many people will vote for Hillary based on her looks alone.

Hillary is a demagogue of the worst kind.


I'm pretty sure that's what he meant. He's meant it since he first posted it in May.

Glad you liked the article, Mick.



I wanted to pop by and help you with thread titles.

I probably would have titled this thread: The vast majority of adults reject paul.

Hope I've helped out.



Neocons prefer Billary cause she's pro war...


Good article. Yeah, that's exactly what would happen too. Bush is bad. Hillary would be worse. Like it or not, the only guy that will actually shake things up is Ron Paul. You can debate all day long if it'll be for the better or worse, but no one is talking about REAL changes.

Gun control, nationalized health care, REAL ID, a vigorous foreign policy; these aren't actual changes. They are simply the natural progression of the road we're traveling. If you think that any of those things aren't in our near future then you're on crack. Paul is scary because he is trying to take us off the comfortable road that we're on.

All this is moot anyways simply because Rudy or Romney will win. In the off chance Paul won the general election he would be assasinated before taking office.