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nelson montana's book

completely sucks.

i’m not sure if it’s frowned upon to poopoo people’s work here, but wow.

titled ‘the bodybuilding truth: secrets you’re not supposed to know,’ this book reads like a bad parody on every bodybuilding myth of all time. organized in a somewhat incomprehensibly stupid fashion, i can say, unequivocally, that this book offers virtually nothing of substance or worth.

to boot, it cost like $40. i’m not sure why i was morbidly interested enough to purchase this, but i will never, EVER purchase anything from nelson montana again. my money back wouldn’t be good enough. i want my TIME back for even TRYING to read it.

I read an interview where he discusses it and he came across like the disgruntled angry man that he is, talking about all these secrets he was going to reveal that would just knock us all on our asses.

blowdpanis, funny post.