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Nelson Doesn't Give You A Woody, So What?

I’ve switched postions on the Roy Nelson == Fatass persuasion.

Looking at the guy’s records and fights, his belly hasn’t been a hindrance to his performance.
I don’t understand why people demand he be some cut Tyler Durdan. Honestly, I’m starting to think these guys are gay, and watch UFC for it’s homoerotic value.

Seriously, why does Roy Nelson need to be cut to impress you? If he doesn’t gas, has agility and beats people up, I don’t see how it’s relevant, in fact, it’s more entertaining the way it is.

While I agree that Roy Nelson is a good fighter, I have a hard time imagining that he couldn’t be a better one if he was leaner. One of the author’s here on T-Nation wrote about making an athlete faster. His example was that at the limit, it’s really hard to make an athlete 5% faster through training. But if they have 5% fat they can lose, that’s pretty much instant gains.

If Roy Nelson was like Fedor, I don’t think anyone would really have a problem with his physique. But he’s just a good fighter and not the elite. He’s also not like Fedor in that he’s not just a little chubby, but actually pretty fat.

He might have a gas tank and good agility now, but it’s hard to argue that he wouldn’t have a better gas tank, be more agile and be a lot quicker if he didn’t have to carry an extra 50 pounds of fat. I’m not saying he has to get shredded like GSP or Sean Sherk. Just that it definitely wouldn’t hurt him to get to the level of leanness commonly found in heavyweights.