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Neighbors Think You're Insane?


I tend to do a lot of skipping and farmers walks with sandbags in my back garden, thing is the neighbours all seem to think i have gone insane.

How do you tractor tyre flippers, and sled draggers get on with this?


what's a "tyre"? LOL

and forget the neighbors they're probably too busy watching you from the couch, lol


Truth be told, I would probably think you were wasting your time unless you were actually seeing amazing results from this. If I saw a big guy flipping tires, I would assume he is into some type of "strongman" activity. If I saw a much smaller guy doing it, I would think his time would be better spent in a gym. However, that is just my opinion. I put a lot of that shit right in the same box as kettleballs.


Mine thinks I'm nuts.

X it is just something I do to get extra work in. I guess I could hammer the weights everyday but it is fun to go out in the yard and throw stuff and lift things. I don't do this instead of weight training. I also walk and run sometimes, should that also be done just at the gym?


I have a house-turned-mini-apartment directly across the street from me, with about 8 college students living there. They've never said anything to me, but sometimes I'll notice them peeking out the window when I'm doing Farmer's Walks, car tire-sled drags, or overhead walks up and down the driveway.

I try to pay as much attention to them as I'd pay to the guy on the chest press machine at the gym (essentially, none). Honestly though, based on how often Domino's and Chinese food is delivered to them, I should probably go over there and invite them to join in. But...no.


Believe it or not, some people actually compete in "strongman activity" at a national level, much like bodybuilding, powerlifting, or any other of these sports.

It seems like the shit you put in the same box as kettlebells is just the shit you don't do. There are many great benefits to sled dragging and improving GPP and I would bet that you know some of them being an intelligent medical professional.


My old neighbors thought I was crazy. I'm sure my new neighbors will think I'm crazy. When I trained upstate, his neighbors thought he was crazy. In the big picture, I just don't give a shit. I think they're crazy for sitting on their fat asses with their thumbs up their asses complaining about how shitty they feel.


What you do is your own business. However, if you are wondering what others think, I told you. I am in the gym almost daily and yes, I do consider much of that stuff to be a large waste of time unless you are involved in strongman events. If you didn't want that opinion, were you expecting to only hear from people who agreed with you? I don't agree with you. Are you going to spank me for it?

As far as running, what does that have to do with sled pulls? If you want my thoughts on running, just ask.


If you compete, more power to you. I hope you win. If, however, you don't look very muscular, you now know what others probably think of you including those who lift weights.

Let's discuss the benefits that can not be attained in the gym that are needed OUTSIDE of competition. You first.


I don't believe I mentioned muscularity but for the record most people who compete regularly in strongman competitions are doing pretty well. Also I don't know of a single competitor that trains only in events. Most use a 2 day gym, 1 day events split.

Some might think that one who trains with a bodybuilding split and yet is never lean enough to look like a bodybuilder might be wasting their time.

There are tons, obviously. I'm not going to debate this point with you because I'm sure we agree. I was just saying that there are merits to sled dragging apart from just strongman training.


My neighbors are used to it.


They've gotten used to the sled, sandbags, kbells and car pushing too.


I totally agree with this. Why waste energy when you could be recovering? If I were to do some GPP I would make it practical, get a job delivering groceries and wear an X vest for christs sake!

            best regards,      
                         tin can


You seem to be upset simply because I don't think sled pulls offer much benefit for anyone aside from those competing in events that utilize similar. Obviously, if someone is very muscular, most will assume that whatever he is doing is working for him. If someone is small, they will not get that same benefit of the doubt and they truly shouldn't in my opinion.

As far as the "lean" comment, that would depend again on how muscular someone was. If some guy had 16% body fat but arms over 20", most people are not going to assume he is wasting his time in the gym. I don't know what gyms you go to, but I seriously doubt this is taking place in any of them.


Dude, how new are those shoes? The laces look bleached white or something. Of course, I could be biased. My personal best lifetime of a single pair is about 2 and a half years.


My teeth are hurting from the sound of that sled sliddng over the concrete.


I guess some got offended. If you are small and you are pulling sleds, unless you compete, you might just want to consider focusing more when in the gym instead of some specialized focus on kettleballs and keg lifts. I mean, damn, we get it. It's the latest craze. Unless you are making great progress from it and now have huge muscles where you didn't before, someone point out the benfit over lifting heavy weights in the gym.


Professor X, this is his way of nicely calling you fat.


Alright, at the risk of sounding unpopular:

I think doing all this crap in your yard and out on the street smacks of trashy. In my neighborhood, we all expect our neighbors to take good care of their homes, their lawns, cars, etc. In other words, our home can only be as beautiful as the neighborhood around it.

With that being said, if you're a quiet neighbor, who doesn't really interact with the people in the homes around you, but occasionally busts out the sled in the street, I'm sorry, but that's just trashy. You have lowered the value of all of that block's homes.


Everyone's entitled to there own opnion but don't knock it till you've tried it you know and looks can be very decieving.
There's a tremendous amount to gain from both seperate types of training but doing both can reap even higher benefits.