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Neighbors Peeing on My Grass!


Got your attention didnt I?

I live in a brand new neighborhood. Currently only 3 houses out here. But there is a neighborhood right behind us. All 3 of us have brand new sod. Mine was laid last yr, theirs this yr. Im anal with my yard. I have a strict fertiziliing plan, irrigation system, mow the grass high (thick dark green color), even have ann attachment to give the "golf course color/baseball field" look. And I dont mind my $400 every 3 months water bill. Why do I do all this? Because I love how fuckn amazing my yard looks.

Well, theres 1 house that butts up to our neighborhood in the back. They have a dog and fenced in yard. This year they replaced all the sod in their backyard because their dog destroyed their grass last yr. Ever since they got the new sod they dont let the dog in the backyard anymore. They tie it up front.

But my neighbor has caught them letting their dog loose late @ night to roam through our yards. She has even witnessed the dog urinating in their yard many times. Sure enough, she got tons of dead spots. The other night I was in bed with the windows open and sure enough I could hear the dog roaming in my yard. I turned on my outside light and they called the dog back into their yard. Now I have a handfull of the same looking spots on my turf.


How would you handle this?

I need to find someone with a night/motion activated camera and set this shit up!


Get a pellet gun and deny everything.


Kill the dog?


Talk to the neighbors?


Before someone else suggests it, lay a steamer in their newly laid backyard sod.

If that doesn't send them the message, you might try talking to them. Explain that you put a lot of effort, time and money into your yard and you don't want to see it messed up by their dog which you have seen over there.
I can't imagine them sneering at this since they had a new backyard laid themselves and don't let their dog out there anymore.

If their dog isn't allowed ruin their yard, why is it alllowed ruin yours..?


Get a bigger, stronger and more intimidating dog. Just make sure to put a diaper on him to avoid more spots:D.


Agree wholeheartedly. You can then up the ante if they simply ignore you and continue to do it.


7 words to put into effect:

Advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage.


Confront the neighbors tactfully. Remind them that you will take action if it continues.


Stand on their front yard in a wife beat and flex angrily for hours untill they call the cops or the dog dies.


Leave out a bowl of antifreeze....you know, to protect the grass from overheating during the summer and freezing in the winter.


3 things:

1) get photographic/video evidence of the dog peeing on your yard with your phone.
2) Pee on his yard.
3) When he comes out to get you to leave show him what you caught his dog doing in your yard and make him aware of how much time, effort, and money you spend on your yard!

Well... thats what I would do anyways.


Don't hurt the dog, he doesn't know any better, he's just doing what dogs do, now the owner on the other hand knows exactly what he's doing.
First mention to the neighbor you don't like his dog on your yard, if he's a dick about it, buy some grass killer and for every dead spot on your grass poor a gallon of grass killer on his lawn, preferably in a zig zaggy motion, then restate how you don't want his dog on your lawn. If he doesn't get the point stick it in his pooper.


Sprinkle chili powder or cayenne pepper along the border of your yard. Keeps all animals out. Sure it washes away when you water but once the dog sniffs it once it will know not to come back. They also make repellant to keep them off the lawn but since your a lawn guy you might not want that


This is why I love reading Mr. Roberts...anytime, any subject.
And maybe a paint ball gun...


Urine, canine or not, is high in nitrogen, which is a natural fertilizer for all plant life. If the dog was pissing in the yard, it would help the grass grow, not kill it.


get a fence? either that or piss on the dog itself, this will show male dominance and the dog will be scared of you


Confront him b4 anything. Take a piss on his lawn if he doesnt do anything. Take a shit on it to take it to the next level.


Walk out of the house with your M-4 and say, "I blow a hole in your face and then I go in the house... and I sleep like a baby. You can count on that. We used to stack fucks like you five feet high in Korea... use you for sandbags."


I take it you aren't very close to those neighbors. The best plan would be to form a friendship with them, which will pay off many times over.

If that's out of the question, they seem like the type who will freak out over a confrontation and get overly defensive, so I'd think about a motion controlled light. Fairly cheap, and it'll save a lot of headaches.

Claim you thought you saw some teens running around the yard, but you'll both know why you installed the lights without having to discuss it.