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Neighbors from hell

This kind of stuff is why I own 42 acres in Tennessee and none of my nearest neighbors are under 60 years old. I’ll never suffer with that kind of bullsh*t ever again!! Hah!!

Yea, but you still have to drive your pickup to the dump to take out the trash.

Heres a solution that’ll get em gone for a while and they’ll never know it was you.

Lets say theres some big politician coming to town. Simply send in a death threat to the local authorities addressed in their name. The cops have no choice but to take them away for a while and lock them up.

Granted its a temporary fix. But they’ll probably be so traumatized from the ass-rapings they got in prison that they’ll never do anything except think about how much it hurts to sit.

chrismcl, you’re an evil genius :slight_smile:

mannyc just do it from a pay phone and leave no prints in the pay phone and disqueses your voice.

Viloence, will not solve anything in your neighboorhood it will make it worse! I am sure there is a couple of mexican gang members that are your neighboor’s ;).

I feel for you although there are some people in that neighboorhood that do work hard. Very few but there are out there.

Just get the really good pepper spray like the bodyguard hi-power, attach a straw to the nozzle and empty the can under their door. Besides putting them in pain for an hour it will make their apartment unlivable for a good day or two.

Buy a LOUD subwoofer.

Download a “tone generator” program.

Attach said subwoofer to you computer and start said tone generator program.

Set tone generator to 7Hz.

Have woofer pointed at floor w. full volume.

Put in some good ear plugs if you know what’s good for you.

Click “play”.

Apparently some experiement in Europe involving subaudible tones and their effects on humans found that 7Hz caused people to become disoriented, nauseas, and vomit all over the floor.

I haven’t tried it. I’m not nearly that evil.

I’ve put superglue in people’s locks before. Someone that really really pissed me off. This was in college with the doors that had the push buttons on the sides of the door to “lock” and “unlock” the doors, permanently. They had to keep their door unlocked for awhile until it got fixed.

Hey, it’s subtle, and there’s no way they can prove it was you.

A-BEEF: Are you sure most speakers can go so low? Just curious.

I’ll tell you what I did when I moved out of my apartment in college. My downstairs neighbors made me miserable for almost a year so when my girlfiend and I moved (to another town), I bought a one dollar sprayer, a bottle of fox lure (skunk glands used by hunters), mixed it with some water in the sprayer and went back to the apt one night and sprayed the inside of their cars (it was summer and they had the windows down an inch or so). This shit reeked. I can only imagine the results. Trust me, I am not one for vandalism, but these people were the most fucked up individuals with no regard for anyone else around them.