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Neighbors from hell

Its four in the morning and i’m awoken by a loud booming sound. What can it be!?! Why,it’s my downstairs neighbors blasting their stereo. I’ve had nothing but problems with these people ever since they’ve moved in. If its not the stereo its yelling and screaming at all hours of the night. I’ve tried reasoning with them, callin the cops, and i asked the landlord to speak to them. Nothing has worked so far. Has anyone else experienced similar problems with their neighbors? What did you do to resolve the problem?

there was a similar thread to this about 1 month ago.

I can sympathize. When I first moved into my apartment complex, the people that lived below me were straight from a Jerry Springer episode, just a couple of young kids. They were constantly fighting day, noon and night. I could actually hear him beating on her a couple times, and this is when I called the cops. They did nothing. I called my landlord twice, and the second time I threatened to move. This did the trick, and they were evicted that day.

I didn’t catch if you lived in an apartment complex before. If you do, you might ask some of your other neighbors if they are aware of what’s going on. If so, maybe you could get them to complain to the landlord as well. Strength in numbers, you know.

Good luck!

I’ve turned the tables on neighbours like this before. When they are asleep, you set about making all the noise you possibly can. They live below you? That’s the best possible scenario. Blast the tv, stereo, whatever. Stomp across the floor, knock on their door and run away. In short, do anything you can to annoy them, just to piss them off. Forget about landlords. They typically won’t do anything, unless you live in an upper-end place.

You` ve got two choices:

  1. Turn the tables on them indeed. You will find that, as much as they throw you shit, they can`t take some back. Expect a show or retribution. If you want real fun, take a 45 lb plate, and let it fall flat on the floor when they do their bad stuff. Or (never tried it yet) make the same plate spin on itself vertically (like you would with a coin on a table) until it does indeed roll-out to flatness. Apparently, the sound it makes is awesome.

  2. Send in the lawyers (with a legal written warning hand delivered by a repo-man). They will see you are serious. Probably won`t change before that. And it will be the start of legal proof for eviction should you need it further on.

Human nature at work, so to say. Read on.

Some assholes just wont stop bugging you until you show your teeth. <b>Guaranteed.</b> Worse, when you exert control by being civil, it seems to prime them up for testingthe next level` to which they can go with you.

Having lived it in work settings (you know the unconscious bullies and buggers who masquerade their intrusions and shit with joking or were only try to have some funoryou cant take a joke excuses), these folks are, like drug addicts, truly asking for their next fix: a reaction.

And I say unconscious in no light sense. How so?

When you do not give it to them, they up the stakes and, by their actions, act – no – beg for it. Worse yet, they know it. I stopped being a gentleman with one of these people, told them straight out that hey, you talk shit to me, Ill gladly give you some back. The dumbass kept going on. I did too. Then he saw I was serious. He stopped. For a while. <b>Now the fun part: He started doing it again AND he admitted he cant help himself. Oh well, since he asks for it… ;>

I have a big default. I willingly let people know where I stand, whatever the shit, when they open the door and pull me in the argument. Since they always get a reaction from me, I attract these suckers like a magnet. Good thing I like verbal sparring too. =0)))

(A parallel and solution to this is the CAR method (the Cupcake Ass Raping) theory. While never being defined that way in the post it originally appeared in, if the Cake approves of it, it must be a dang good working theory.)

Do yourself a favor, stop wasting your time, and reply with ACTIONS. They expect you to not do anything and go on their normal business. Prove them wrong. Or else, they will gradually force you to. Trust me. They are all the same in their algoritmic/pattern/thinking behaviour.

Just my 2 cents.

Dan C is right. Actions are the only thing that these people understand.

Everytime they make noise, knock on the door and ask if everything is ok.

Call the cops.

Make noise when they’re sleeping.

Threaten to move out if the landlord doesn’t do something.

Call the landlord everytime they do something annoying no matter whattime opf the day it is. He’ll either get rid of them or release you from your lease.

if that doesn’t work, stuff dog crap up under the handles on their car door…

My father had this problem although it wasn’t with the people living below him but his solution should work even better. . .

You see, my father loves pipe and drum bands. Just cannot get enough of them So when the neighbours would make too much noise he would crank it up, with the speakers pressed against the paper thin walls. In your case you could just lay the speakers on the floor, the noise shouldn’t get to you too much but it’ll drive others nuts.

This is especially effective if they don’t like the bagpipes. While anything with a good bass will work there’s something about bagpipes that quickly drives those who don’t like them to insanity.


where do u live in NJ I’ll make sure not to move there. I feel you. I live in a nice quiet neighborhood. Although, I don’t even know my neighbor. Oh well.

If you’ve gone through the whole cops,landlord,and talking to them personally stuff then I say move.

I’ve moved for allot less bullshit.
My neighbors now slam the door,and at least once a day I hear a really loud boom.I talked to them just to find out what that loud boom is and they said sometimes their cats knock stuff over.

Whatever…they would have to knock over a grandfather clock to make that kind of noise.

There is no point in calling the police because I am the police.I talked to the manager and she’s going to move me into a different unit next month.

Because of my job I charish the peace and quiet I get at home and I don't put up with any neighbor bullshit.

Good advice, CGB and Dan.

My approach was a little different, and in retrospect probably wasn’t a great idea.

One night, after a long day at the lab, the bastards upstairs were blasting their stereo, laughing, yelling, screaming, and I just lost it.

I grabbed my .45 Glock with a magazine capacity of 13 rounds, ran upstairs, and emptied that sucker into the shrieking torsos of all those noisy bastards.

Got all of them.

Shut 'em the fuck up, alright.

I had neighbors like this in college. Up at 4am every day, screaming at each other and beating on their car’s engine to get it started. Of course they lived in the apartment below mine. Asked them nicely to keep it down since college kids aren’t normally waking up at 4am, they basically said “Screw you” but then told us to keep it quite after 10pm so they could sleep.


The solution:
1: Ingest some quality tequila.(To set the mood)
2: After 10pm, Invite other friends over to play a little guitar with you.
3: Put all amplifiers in the bed room directly over the neighbors, use long cords to be able to stand in the hall while playing (to avoid deafness) turn the amps to 11 and wail away.
4: After ignoring angry neighbors beating on the door for 10 or 15 minutes, stop playing, calmly answer door and look perplexed when they complain of the noise.
5: Explain that you and friends are just watching TV and/or playing some type of quite board game.
6: Repeat as neccessary until they get the idea.

How’s this for an idea, i turn there power off and crazy glue their fuse box shut?

fitone: i live in Elizabeth and believe me when i tell you don’t ever want to move here. stay away!

My dream home would be in one of those comunities where you have to be at least 55 years old to live...now that would be peace and quiet...but since I'm only 28 now I guess it will be a while.

Mamann, I thought you looked like John Gotti when you posted your pics. I own the compact .45, model 36. It only holds 6. What if there are 7 neighbors?

Seriously though, if you live in certain types of neighborhoods, you have to expect this kind of thing. Maybe I’m just used to drunken college kids burning couches and flipping cars. Go Bucks! If you live in a normal area, you shouldn’t be having problems getting these fuckballs under control. Since you already tried w/the landlord and he/she didn’t do shit, maybe that should tell you something. I’ve rented from slum lords before and you get what you pay for. You may have another option though: I was once told by an attorney that if something breaks in your apartment and your landlord refuses to fix it, you can pay your rent money into an escrow account until it gets fixed. At that point, the landlord can collect. If it never gets fixed by the time you move out, you get the money back. Boston Barrister, help a brother out here.

ScrubMD, after the seventh has witnessed the unfortunate, but well deserved fates of the other six, you point your weapon at him and yell “boom”, whereupon he keels over from a heart attack.

I know where your at. Its not a pretty site in Elizabeth. Ever, train at Pyraimd Club in Rahway?

Listen bro, walk down stairs to their door with a baseball bat behind your back. Ring the bell. As they answer the door tell them your fed up and youre not going to have it anymore, but dont show them the bat, keep it behind you out of sight. As soon as the conversation ends turn around and walk away with the bat behind you but make the see it. This will pretty much scare the shit out of them. It would also help to mumble “next time -yourname-, next time.” Make sure they see the bat and hear you though. That should stop it. ha.

All this landlord helping stuff depends on the rules in your state regarding rentals.

Some states don’t give a rat’s butt about owner’s rights and give it all to the renter, and some are more friendly to owners.

When you really run into problem’s is in a place that has rights slanted heavily towards a renter and renters who know that, sorta like when welfare is good in a state and lots of peeps on it know the rules better than the workers do.

Of course, having friends as cops usually does help matters, unless you really have a poor slimeball who doesn’t care about getting tickets or their credit record.

bobopunxs: the thought has crossed my mine but violence or the threat of violence i feel would not work in this case. These people would not take this sort of action very lightly and they would probably retaliate.

Normally I don’t weigh in very much as I’m new and trying to learn, not show my ignorance.
However, on this topic I actually have something that will not be scoffed it.

If you retaliate, expect it to come right back to you. If they already have no regard for you, don’t think for a minute that they will hesitate when they see the chance to tweak you. I had the same type of thing when I first moved in with my wife. I (ahem) spoke to my downstairs neighbors but what did the trick was general landlord harassment followed by the threat to leave. Generally landlords don’t give a shit, but want good tenants. If you call him 20 times in a month he or she will know who the good tenants are and who’s most likely to pay on time and not trash the joint. Shitty tenants cost them money.

It took my landlady 2 days to start the eviction process after weighing whether she wanted White Trash Family Robinson or a couple of responsible young adults that actually care about the place and the neighborhood.

One of the posters was right, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, sometimes real life takes over and you can’t always live where you want.