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Neider Press


Anyone ever heard of it? I pmed and asked CT in his prime time but I never got a reply. I read about it and it's called a standing incline press... interesting


Looks cool.
The pressing movement looks kinda similar to a leverage press which is also cool.


woah i feel like an idiot I was thinking it was a standing incline chest press lol


Don't - from what I remember reading and what I've found you were correct -


It seems to be a shot put training move.


...or a boxing move...


Looks cool, but is there any pretext for we who do not box or throw to use it?


The Neider Press I'm familiar with uses dumbbells (though, of course a bar could be used instead.):

  • Start standing upright, with the hands in the mid-point of a DB curl; palms supinated, hands level with collarbones (could even be resting on the front delts)

  • Press straight forwards, while turning hands into a neutral (thumbs-up) position. Hold straigtened arms out for a half-second.

  • Return inwards, supinating hands again.

Eh...it's a new move, some variety if used instead of a front raise or other front delt exercise. Give it a whirl, and see how it feels. I've generally used 3-4 sets of 6-8.


Bill Neider was one of the best physical specimens in throwing in all time. He basically taught a generation to always focus on "the perfect throw" and tried to make everything he did make the shot go farther.

It is a great lift, but whether or not you (the general "you") need to do it depends on what you are trying to do. You will be humbled quickly by it. If you can get to snappy reps with 200, you are one of a kind.


DJ what ebenfit does the neider press offer, is it just to basically simulate a throw?


It's in the Men's Health Home Workout Bible, it may be more recent then some things, but it wasn't developed last week.


the rossboxing clip posted and the other links description are nothing alike...

Am i to assume from the discussion that the latter exercise is the more correct description of the neider and the rossboxing clip is a vid of something else


Yeah I always think it as a "standing "bench" for strikers", as I came across it for the 1st time when I personally saw David Tua did it in his workoout here in NZ.

Geek boy


The neider press is basically like a chest pass with a barbell or dumbbells to arms length. The boxing website has the same exercise but being done with one arm with a one sided loaded barbell. He's moving the weight from chest to arm length like a punch complete with footwork and hip rotation. Same idea.