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Negligible GH Release and Fat Loss?

It seems like pretty much every program we have here for fat loss is centered around a fairly high volume of work with minimal rest. If I read correctly, the theory behind this is that this type of training induces lactic acid build up, which in turn causes release of growth hormone to essentially break down fatty acids.

However I came across Thib’s “Lifting for fat loss” http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/lifting_for_fat_losstake_home_points article where he just basically says that the GH that we release through our lactic acid training sessions is negligible for fat loss and that we should just let diet take care of dropping fat while lifting should be reserved for muscle preservation.

I’m a bit confused about this since it looks like all of our programs for fat loss here are based exactly on the principles of lactic acid training/GH release. Any thoughts??

Hmm, well he uses some lactate-inducing stuff in his latest fat loss programs, like Destroying Fat and Getting Hypermetabolic.

In Getting Hypermetabolic, published spring 2008, he states:

“there’s a direct correlation between the amount of lactate produced and the output of growth hormone, a highly lypolitic (stimulates the release of fatty acids) and anti-catabolic hormone.”

However, Hypermetabolic is consistent with his (I assume) older article in that it does include plenty of heavy lifting to preserve muscle, and does not use lots of reps of light weight. It’s not at all about just reducing weight and doing tons of sets of tons of reps.

Where is the Getting Hypermetabolic article? I can’t seem to find it and the program seems very relevant to my interests.

It’s on the Figure Athlete site.

But don’t worry, it’s just as relevant for males. An earlier version, Destroying Fat, is on the Testosterone site. CT said that Hypermetabolic was an evolution of his fat loss methods.

Hypermetabolic is the best fat loss routine I have done. I lost fat faster, while gaining a little LBM (probably because I am not accustomed to doing any high-speed work), than other routines.

I posted a thread here once regarding GH and T release during exercise. The insignificant GH and T release from exercise has very little to do with progress, if any.

I believe what matters more is the average GH,T, and free T basal levels. That’s it!

Let’s say Joe Blow has an average basal level of 700 ng/dL. What is working out going to do? Make his pituitary go into overdrive and secrete more LH and FSH, making his T levels zoom up to 1000+ ng/dL. I think not.

I just think ‘a high amount of work with minimal rest’ burns a lot of calories and gives your metabolism a boost. This is responsible for fat loss on its own, regardless of GH release or not.