Neglecting Squats and Bench Press

Hey CT, long time no speak!

ok i’ll get right to it…

recently i’ve been in love with Muscle clean and presses. as well as trap bar deadlifts. as such, benching and squatting (squatting is my weak link) has taken a back seat.

i want to start a program focused on total body hypertrophy and strength, but utilizing bench and squat.

i want to keep doing M C+P’s in the program as i love doing them and for some reason they led to the best calf growth i’ve ever had!

i was thinking 2 bench sessions (slight inc, slight dec) and 2 squat sessions, as well as one M C+P session.

would you see this as a good idea? whats your current position on layers for size and strength at the minute? (still ramp density carries?).

do you think i should reduce the volume and M C+P to allow maximum effort with bench and squats?

to balance the program i’ll be doing chin ups at the end of each session…

whats your thoughts? - appreciate your answers as always :slight_smile:

look forward to hearing from you