Neglected Wheels

I often read about the benifits of doing leg work, espeically squats, as it will affect my muscle growth overall.

I for one, have neglected by lower body for sometime. I rationalize this by thinking all the running/marching/stairs we do with 35-70lb rucksacks plus the daily runs/sprints we do for PT helps out a lot.

However, i feel my uppper body is fairly impressive, if not better than the majority (read: not all) of the members here on T-Nation. It’s just that i’m beginning to get the classic ‘lightbulb’ effect.

Will lower body work increase my overall mass even more? and if so, could this not be an effective way to add even more mass to the ‘vanity’ muscles?

please take into account i am only 20 years old, and lifting seriously for about 2years.

Why is this even a question?

Yes. Go squat, deadlift, front squat, RDL, GHR, split squat, lunge, and step up until you get some sense.

For your upper body to be bigger than most people on here, while you’re only 20 and have been lifting seriously for only two years, I think I’d need pics to beleive it.

Just sayin.

I’d add a killer leg day on Friday afternoon/evening til you see how it fits in with your training. It’ll help your run/ruck times. When do you ruck?

Better add in some back work, too. People that neglect legs also seem to be the ones that neglect their back.

nono, i take care of my back, i get heavy deads in once a week, and i can go fairly heavy on bent over barbell rows as well. It really is just my legs.

Right now we’re rucking twice a week. One day is a 35lb ruck and we go on a run or climb the stairs, and the other day we carry up to 70lb rucks and go for long ruckmarches

rrjc: i’ll get a few pics up tonight