Negatives on Bench Press?

how many times should you do them? they are really hard on your body for recovery , etc…

once a month? twice a month? etc…

I use them close to every two or three weeks on one set of bench.

get yourself some monster mini bands from jumpstretch or elite fitness, to teach your chest to explode from the bottom all the way to lockout.

google : powerlifting bands

Negatives are not a very useful exercise for the bench press. IMO

Well it depents,i cant say for sure.Some friends of mine doing negatives had a 25-35lbs increase on their Bench Press,in my case i had not really good results…hmm

I think negatives are a great bench press supplement. I will do a couple reps at a high weight approximately once a week.


Which top bench presser uses negatives? Zero. These were tried and dropped in the eighties. If you want to do a little more weight than a full ROM bench press, use boards.