negative training

if i am going to perform negative in lets say bench press, how much sets should i perform, and do i perform the same amount of sets when doing negatives with other exercises? i’m not going to do these alot because of the chance of overtraining. thanks for any info ya’ll can give

Please read the interview with Bryan Haycock about Hypertrophy Specific Training. Then go to his web-site and read up there. Negative are incorporated into his routine very nicely.

I did the negatives on the HST program and it was great. 2 weeks of 2RM negatives for multiple exercises. Just make sure you are taking some kind of joint formula and a lot of antioxidants at the time. I was, and experienced no joint pain as part of the training, but I could tell that if I hadn’t that I propably would have been pretty sore (in the joints that is, your friggin muscles will be fairly sore by the time you get to this point in the program anywyas). I was taking Twinlab Joint Fuel and also around 2000mg of C and 800 I.U. of E when getting up and before bed. I highly recommend this program, I had pretty good increases in both strength and size after coming off it and going back to a regular routine.