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Negative Self Image: Isn't It Scary?


I’ll give you gluttony, I love me some ice cream and scotch. Greed and Lust were what I caused people to do :wink:


@Jewbacca correct me if I’m wrong, but jews do not say/type the word G-d out of reverence, right?


Kind of. To be exact, it can be written in documents that are to be preserved and taken care of – e.g., a Torah. But the Name should not be written out in casual correspondence not because it is bad to write the name, but because the casual correspondence can (and probably will) be disregarded and disposed of improperly and in a disrespectful manner.

The source of the prohibition comes from #3 on the list “using the L-rd’s name in vain” and a specific command to erase the names of various fake “gods” of the Cannanites (I think, one of the crapfest tribes that used to surround us, anyway) – the opposite of which is preserving the Name of G-d.

Given that the Internet is profoundly temporal, it’s particularly appropriate.


Once you realize that sin is simply a perversion of something good, it becomes much easier to recognize sin and the path to it.

Patriotism can become fascism.
Healthy appetite, gluttony.

I can’t think of an example to which this rule does not apply.


I’ve read most all of Ayn Rand’s stuff…a long time ago.

It’s not very good at all and she’s nuts.

I do like that before the internet she was the first person i found that talked about logic and reason…so there’s that.


interesting stuff. There’s not a very big jewish community here in Scotland so I don’t know very much about it.


Plenty of Jewish folks in Scotland, dating way back to the 1200s when some English king kicked the Jews out of England proper. Scotland gladly took in a ton of skilled millers, wrights, sandlers, smiths who happened to be Jewish. Lots of folks in Scotland with those surnames need to look in their woodpile — it was a fairly significant migration pretty much started Scotland on the way to having a ship-building industry.

There’s even an official Jewish-Scotish tartan:


According the the 2001 census there were 6 and a half thousand jews here, in a country of 6 million.


I’ve always joked about that without even a kernel of knowledge of the history.

My family has a pretty distinct nose, and are notorious tightwads. I’ve offhandedly said a number of times- “Yeah, we’re part of the lost tribes. The ones that moved to Scotland for the great food and weather.”.:slight_smile:

Never entertained the idea that it might have a kernel of truth.


Sure. The last major migration was 800 years ago. Most descendants undoubtedly became Anglican or whatever 500 years ago.

I’m just saying to check the woodpile, especially if you have a “skilled craft” last name.


King Edward the First.


well you all need to come back over! There’s a real lack of those awesome looking delis you see on American tv


pfft all you yanks want to claim Scottish heritage, obviously on account of our superior awesomeness


Nah, I just like any good excuse to wear a plaid skirt!

My grandfather was from Ayr. They all came over here in the early 1900’s. Supposedly worked in shipbuilding over there, but worked mainly in coal once they landed here.


YES! Let me know what you think, Drew.

You can’t please everyone, Nards. Some of us like them. Atlas has sold over 7 million copies, and The Fountainhead over 6.5 million, plus some people would love to put them on a banned book list which always makes the rebel in me NEED to read them.

I need an “I read banned books” t-shirt. Haha.

And this one.


I can’t really identify with this thread/article as my motivation has never really been physique-based. My motivation has always come from acquiring the ability to do cool stuff. I remember the first day I ever did the splits, and they’ve been a party trick for me ever since. But to get to the point: what would you say to those who have been attracted to weightlifting, bodybuilding, whatever for the wrong reasons? Somebody who is a ticking psychological timebomb? I don’t think the answer is to stop lifting, anything but, however I can’t see how one would move on from that point.


Impressive arcane knowledge.


Here’s a joke an English git told me:

Q: You know how copper wire was invented?

A: A Jewish guy and a Scot found the same penny.


We do have our own country back, now, you know.

Surrounded by assholes, but it seems Europe has them too, now.


The worst part is the freaking towers all around. When I was there, I was woken up at an early hour to hear an old fella shouting like a chipmunk.

I know, I know, I deserve sensitivity training. But, I don’t understand why people can’t put headphones on to say their prayers. When I say mine, I don’t shout them over a megaphone for a whole country to hear.