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Negative Press For Omega-3


The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study indicating that omega-3 fatty acids do not pevent cancer. Hopefully all the other benefits of omega-3 still hold true. Here's the link


Just what I thought.Coming from the American Medical Association.That is a load of crap.In my opinion,they're just saying that.But why? because if people knew omega 3 fatty acids cured cancer then they'd be out of business with their drugs. Look at any country who consumes fish every single day,they're not number one in heart disease like most females here are.They'll say fruits don't cure cancer,they'll say vegetables don't cure cancer,they'll say fish don't cure cancer,they'll say omega 3 fatty acids don't cure cancer.Oh,yeah,but "ONLY a drug can prevent,treat,and cure a disease"-the FDA.

Who are they to say only a drug can prevent disease or cure cancer?
There is no fact proving that in order to cure cancer you have to take drugs.This is coming from the American Medical Association, who, according to NewYork times,make drugs that kill over 100,000 people a year.I wouldn't believe a liar,and I wouldn't believe those guys.


Good call. They're an industry lobby for sure; not for us real people.


Why thankyou.It's great to see some people who see through this crap.


Well this wasn't a study, but a review. After the review of vitamin E, I am very skeptical of these reviews. The vitamin E review seemed to pick and choose their studies, and made it look like E was really bad for people, yet looking deeper into these studies, and the ones they ignored, showed a complete bias.

This could be similar, or it might not.

The whole idea of studies is for research ideas to be shared, and analyzed by others. If you show something in a study, others will look over that study, try to find flaws, and may replicate the study to see if they come up with similar results.

It may be true that omega 3 fatty acids do not prevent cancer, but that does not mean it has no health benefits. But I too am skeptical of this report.

Personally I think this is the best statement on the subject:

"Cancer prevention
Several population (epidemiologic) studies report that dietary omega-3 fatty acids or fish oil may reduce the risk of developing breast, colon, or prostate cancer (108-114). Randomized controlled trials are necessary before a clear conclusion can be drawn."





The drug companies are usually behind some of these studies,so I wouldn't believe every little study that comes out anyway.Yeah,Vitamin E is really bad for you.Do they think we were born yesterday? Vitamin E is one of the most important vitamins.However,I am sure if they had the general public avoiding vitmin E their drug sales would shoot up,no doubt.


Don't mean to stray, but the FDA is ALL about profits. It suits them to allow marginally-safe yet highly expensive drugs on the market while they downplay the efficacy of natural cures & remedies. The FDA's tactics are similar to those which a drug dealer would employ in establishing a firm, consistent client base. Once you take that first hit, you're hooked for life, and that's their mission - to have an entire nation doped up in need of drugs for survival spending their last pennies on meds to get better sleep and bigger erections while presenting a lighthearted view of drug induced side-effects.

Someone successfully fighting cancer with natural homeopathic remedies? The FDA would have everyone believe it's a freak occurrence - but evidently it's not so freaky when it happens hundreds of hundreds of times. Someone diagnosed with high blood pressure? The FDA and their pharmaceutical goons suggest asking your doctor about Lipitor! It's safe and effective (so don't be concerned about fitness, implementing an appropriate diet, or the symptoms of bloating, cramping, headaches, nausea, & dizziness). Lipitor is a great treatment!

I should thank the FDA and the pharmaceutical lobbyists for spending my tax money to advertise cures for a condition I don't even have, on a condition I could suppress by non-chemical means (if I had it), and for enticing other Americans into taking the lazy, half-assed path to health.

What's more, once someone wants to stop taking these FDA-endorsed meds, they're classified as being non-compliant and apathetic about their health. Gee, like the majority of these people weren't apathetic about health in the first place... Oh, let's not forget that doctors get lovely kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies. The entire paradigm is bullshit. Too often it's difficult to trust our own physicians let alone the FDA.

Last note, I didn't mean to rip on the specific population that needs meds because of some highly critical and unstable condition; rather I'm ridiculing them who ask for olestat prescriptions and the like because they don't think twice about health until the grim reaper goes knocking on their door. Unfortunately, that's the majority of our nation...

Peace be with all!


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