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Negative Only Training

Dr. Darden,

You have written about negative only where the partner assists on the positive and the trainee performs the negative with about 40% more weight and this is performed for about 8 reps

And also where you perform one rep for about 60 seconds, i.e. chins or dips

I am curious instead of doing either…has anyone ever perform one set of about 6 to 8 exercises of one negative rep for approximately 90 seconds?

Thanks, dan

I’m not aware that anyone has tried a one-rep negative for 90 seconds on 6 to 8 exercises. I’ve had two of my trainees do 75 seconds on a negative chin and negative dip for one rep.

Dan, why don’t you try what you are suggesting?

I think I will try it…how would you determine the selection of weight?

As a starting point, I’d say to take half of what you’d normally use for 10 reps. This will probably be too light, but it’s a number to begin with.