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Negative Only Squats

Did anybody see the 60 Minutes piece on Olympic skiier Bode Miller last night? He had a squat rack rigged so he could do high-rep negative only squats and then his training partner could lift the weight back up. At about 1.5 times body weight (320 pounds. He’s 6’2", 210.) The stated goal was to build abdominal and core endurance. Seemed very T-Nation in the improvisation category.

Does this make sense from a bio-mechanical standpoint? Or is this just really lazy and the guy should just do lots of full-range squats?

Since it’s only a very small snippet of the program, it’s hard to tell if it makes sense. First glance would say that the stated goal is not what’s actually being accomplished. There’s better, safer ways to do that. My guess is it’s an efficient way to build eccentric strength in the legs and hips and they just told the reporter something they might understand/want to hear.


At only 320 or 1.5x BW id say he should simply work on bringing the # up a LOT on his Squat not just the negative.

They (negatives) can be a good part of a program though.