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Negative on Deadlifts?


how do you perform it? thanks everyone!


Typically I dont. I lift, then lower it under control but do it pretty fast. I pause and re-pull. I feel trying to do it or concentrate on it can place alot of undue stress on the lower back


I could've sworn that it's been advocated on this site NOT to do negatives on DLs, I can't remember the article that said this and not entirely sure why. But I recon it can't be too great for your back? The biomechanics for putting the bad boy down is quite awkward. I think that's the reason why another article articulated "resetting" after each rep of DL.

I know my post lacks validity because I can't provide the evidence... perhaps someone can either back me up or tell me I am flat wrong. =]


Start with the bar racked at the top on a power rack. Normally people can handle more at the very top then anywhere.

Then go for a slow negative/hold.

Thats how I have done them

Hope that helps,


i have found the same. and on top of that i been lowering without bending my knees and now the lower back just wont let up. BTW how long does it take you to recover, I cant do them more than once a week?


phill, thanks for the input but i don't want to do negatives I' m just trying to figure out what's the best way to lover it without undue injuries or cracks in my foundation.


Practice good form.


Ditto on the Nate Dog.

Keep the lower back in proper form... stick your ass back... bend the knees... and down you go.

I try not to drop it... but sometimes my grip will fail or if I think my back is going to lose form, then a bit of noise may happen.

If you aren't lifting near max you should be able to just reverse and go after you feel it touch down -- it's all about staying in form.


Do you have a grain/feed store nearby? You know, a place that sells livestock supplies? If so buy one or two 6X4X3/4" STABLE MATS (for horses). They run a bit less than $40.00 each. That's what I use for my gym. They are indestructable. Then all you need to do is show a touch of control on the bar and that's it. No damage and not much noise. (unless your windows rattle!


if you try doing Romanian deadlifts for a while that will help with your form as well as strengthening glutes/hams/lower back.


thanks everyone! so you all lover it with slightly arched back while bending the knees. i'm going to get those mats as well.


i'm relativly new to deadlifts, so how do you perform romainan DL?