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Negative Impact on the Use of Propecia


Iv'e been off cycle for a few months now. I've been thinning and balding for years, so i started propecia and rogain. I want to go back on cycle but i dont want to take anything that will prevent propecia from working.

Any suggestions?


do steroids prevent propecia from working? I haven't heard that


I heard Propecia/proscar/Finasteride wreaks havoc on your endocrine system. Is it not a systemic DHT conversion blocker much like an AI is for estrogens? Sounds awful.


Hi there man, do some research on the negative sides of propecia/ Finasteride...

I'm balding as well and some years ago I tried that med, listen man, it's awful, for a time it will be "ok", but it messes with your testosterone, I had ED problems for months, even after stopping the med, it messed my endocrine system really bad and that when i started looking up on the internet and found so many horror stories(that turn out to be truth).

Do your research, please.