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Negative Impact of Endurance Training


Could you guys reference some articles noting the negative effects of excessive aerobic training for athletes? I know most of you are more familiar with the article on this website. I'm trying to change the mindset of some boxers who spend an hour plus in a spin class 3 times a week in addition to hours running/elliptical/etc that all this excessive cardio is not only the least effective means of training for a match but also detrimental to perserving their power. TIA.


Why not just let the boxers do their own thing, or at the very least let their coaches deal with it? I don't really understand why you need to change their minds. If it's working for them, and it probably is, then they aren't going to care whether your internet friends don't think their training is working.


So, what do you think is a more effective means of training for boxers? Fights can last a damn long time and require a helluva lot of endurance. It's fine to knock it if you have a superior method in mind.


Agreed, boxers can come into situations where excellent endurance capacities are needed. Nevertheless, spinning, jogging or the elliptical, at least when utilized excessively, seem to be rather poor choices. If I understand the initial post correctly, said training bouts are applied in addition to sparring and other more specific and probably beneficial methods. Hard to judge by virtue of the information at hand, but it definitely could be suboptimal. How about chasing chicken and beating up slabs of meat? It worked for Rocky, you know?


thanks for the wonderful suggestions. Couldn't have been more helpful. IMO, a boxing match requires the use of all three energy systems and just training for aerobic endurance is not going to help with the anaerobic portions of a fight. I'll suggest lots of raw eggs as well, and ot make sure eye of the tiger is on repeat on their ipods. Don't think I can afford to pay a little blonde boy to hang around though, so hopefully than can live without that. I wasn't looking for any training suggestions, just some article references.


A brunette called Adrian will suffice.

By the way, this may be of interest:

The Cardio Roundtable (1 & 2)



Crossfit has two or three specific articles on the various metabolic pathways and how they relate to your hypothesis regarding excessive endurance work. Two of the articles are free, "CF Foundations" and "What is Fitness?". Another is the 06-2003 backissue on metabolic conditioning.

I agree with you for what its worth having boxed for years. Boxing is an anaerobic activity working primarily in the glycolytic pathway(anaerobic) with significant development of the oxidative(aerobic) if training is sufficiently intense.

Boxing requires speed and power, the two very things that are diminished by straight endurance work. By training to develop speed/power, you develop the aerobic capacity specific to the activity itself as well as becoming more proficient/efficient which conserves energy. Your boxer friends would be way more productive using all that aerobics time running sprint intervals instead.


thanks for the leads.