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Negative Effects of Nicotine/Chewing Tobacco?

Anybody know any negative effects of Nicotine, I’m a pretty big chewer, I go through around 5 or 6 cans a week, does this have a noticeable effect of muscle growth, is there anything I should be taking to try to counter act it?

seriously? You honestly have to ask?


Mean’t more along the lines of muscle growth, strength etc… I know its not good for general health, but everyone has their thing.


5-6 cans a week?

And all you can think of is how it affects your gains?

Good for them jaw gains.

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I suggest working your jaws antagonist muscles in the same plane of motion, all that chewing is going to give you muscle imbalances that will make you more likely to get injured in the long run. Try putting a mini band around your head like a chinstrap and press your lower jaw into it. Since it’s more of a corrective exercise just go for reps with light resistance.

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Boo, get off the stage.

Can’t speak to tobacco specifically but check this out: https://www.t-nation.com/supplements/50-hits-of-nicotine