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Negative-Accentuated Repetition Duration?

We all know about the different rep schemes like 30-10-30 or 15-15-15 , but what would be considered the minimum time for a negative for it to be called negative accentuated high intensity training?

That’s a good question. What is your opinion?

In short: I would say at least 3 seconds on the negative.

When observing other trainees at my gym, I have yet to see someone do more than max 2 sec negative, most people just seem to drop the bar/barbell. When I’m doing 30-30-30 routine I often notice people just staring at me…

I would say that any protocol where the negative TUL is “more than” double of the positive phase (any less than that and 1/2 and 2/4 cadences for example would fall under that ladder)