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Negative Accentuated Modification

Dr Darden
I have been really getting great results with negative chins and dips. Got me thinking about adding more negative exercises but I train alone. So my next idea was negative accentuated. 2 questions for you.

  1. How would you compare the results of say negative accentuated machine curls to negative only machine curls.
  2. I was thinking of experimenting with 2 sets. In order to reduce the rest time between reps and closer approximate negative only training. One for each arm. Meaning curl with both hand and lower with the left only for one set. Then Repeating for the right only. Have you ever tried it in this manner? Good idea or bad idea?

The two up and one down concept is okay for a workout or two. But I just couldn’t get into it after two sessions. Stick with 30-10-30 and negative chins and dips.

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