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Needs an Idea about Chronic Shoulder Injury..

Hi guys… I’ve been suffering from a shoulder pain, a small tear around infraspinatus for about a year and a half. i was unexperienced when i fist got injured so i kept on training but it got worse in time. The doctor said operation was not necessary so prescribed physical therapy.

Now i haven’t been training for about six months but after the therapy i feel much better.I’ve been using MSM, fishoils and BCAA’s.

But i still feel a low range of motion when shoulder travels behind the body and a small pain reminding me that it’s gonna get worse in case of lifting any weights.

I bought myshelf an electronic stimulation device with that started doing streching while still using ibuprofen with a hot water bag compress after applying it.The part i need your help is i’ve been thinking to inject just one cortisone shot to speed up the healing process.

i know about the side affects on the shoulder tissue but i am thinking that one shot could not hurt more that it heals. What do you think. And also would it be stupid to do some postural workout with small weight during the rehab? Thank you for your help …

Best course of action would probably be to consult your physiotherapist.

he said nothing about injections and told that my shoulder would heal in several months.but i wanted to make the process a little bit faster couse i’ve been already of the track for a long time.