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Needlestick. 3 Upcoming Tests on Cycle. Advice?

Hi all.

I was due to start a cutting cycle next week with test prop, tren and winstrol towards the end.

I work in health and picked up a needlestick from a patient which means I need blood tests to screen for hepatitis at 6, 12 and 24 weeks.

My worry is can I cycle if I’m going to have these screens. I don’t want my employer finding our that I’m cycling.

I’m hoping they just screen for hep and don’t screen for the other things I was hoping to take.

that sucks…

i’m not sure if they just test for liver enzymes or some sort of antibodies, but a cycle might throw things off a little bit. normally not a big deal, but it might lead them to investigate further which could force you to come clean…

good luck-hopefully it turns out to be nothing!

I think you’d be ok It takes pretty detailed work for things to show up on test, it isn’t just automatic, they would have to look super hard to find steriods, and thats expensive as shit, some of your values might be off a little, but a lab tech isn’t playing doctor they just want to see if you have hepatitis, and Im pretty sure thats the only test they will do,