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Simple question. I injected myself the other day and after I pulled out the needle blood followed. Their was a lot of blood. I think the reason was because the needle was dull from scaping the bottom of the amp. This was the first time that I haven’t switched the needle right befor injection. This never happened before. Do you think this was from the dull needle?

You may have hit a vein. After putting the plunger in your supposed to pull it out a little bit. This is called “aspirating”. If you see blood come into the vial then pull out and inject in another site.

I did pull it back. I pulled it back 1/2 cc. That’s why I AM CONFUSED.

Always check the vein thing as mentioned. If you repeatedly shoot in the same site you can get a small hematoma in that spot and you release some blood off of it when you stick the area again.

Probably a vein…don’t sweat it.