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Necessity is the mother of invention.

I have been using a 23g 1" with a 3cc syringe to inject into glutes, and draw fluid.

I have been using a 27g .5" to with a 3cc syringe inject into quads and delts.

I failed to notice that this would mean that I would be ripping through 23g needles at 4x the rate of 27g. I realized that I was going to run out out of 23g before the end of my current cycle.

As a desperate measure, I warmed up my vial of TP in some warm water for 2 minutes before injecting. I would guess it was no warmer than blood temp. Then I tried to use a 27g .5" needle to draw and...

drum roll

No issue. Not even particularly slow. If you run into a similar situation, feel free to use small guage needles to draw.

If it wasn't for this board, I'd still be going 19g into everything.



Smaller volume syringes will inject faster, simple hydraulics. Many TRT guys are injecting with #29 0.5" 0.5ml insulin syringes EOD. The volumes are very small for that.


Many guys on cycle use them, as well. They're good for delts and quads. And with 1cc pins, even with gear dosed at 100mg/ml, you can still use up to 700mg/wk of injectables.


I use 25's for just about everything now, draw and inject with the same needle.

Warm oil, be patient.


Do you know what your gear is brewed with? I mean, what type of oil and if it contains something like EO or not.


I use 19 x 1.5 to draw and 25 x 1.0 to inject everywhere.

Drawing with 19's is quick and easy and 25's go in like butter for me (just takes time to inject but my hands are very steady) everywhere and cause little pain.

23s caused me excess pain so I junked them.


I found out last summer that oils could be injected via this setup, but I was surprised that it was possible to draw with it.

I don't believe that it is formulated with EO.


.5ml of oil can be drawn through a 29g .5" needle in about 2 minutes. It's really not that long of a wait for something so painless and easy. That works for all major sites except glutes.

You almost have to stop yourself from shooting it too fast. That's how fast oil comes out of a .5ml barrel with a .5" 29g needle.


Bonez, you use .5inch for VG?


You found VG?

I think the VG is like a clit to a 16 year old. You have a vague idea where it is, and you could just kinda go at that general area, but the results might not be what you intended...


Ventroglute is the scariest place to pin at first but has definitely been the the least painful spot for me.


Yea I do. I have no fat whatsoever there. I just push the pin in real deep. Leaves a bit of a bruise sometimes but no biggie.

The VG is absolutely not hard to find. You have about a 1 x 1.5" area to mess with. Obviously you want to get it into the middle. Ten minutes of studying a bit of the anatomy in the area and looking in a mirror should be enough. I mean you should have a big wad of muscle mass there, no? Or maybe I have the biggest hip flexor muscles ever


I think its time for me to find the VG. My right quad does NOT like to be injected. Left, no problem. Right quad always hurts a few hours after though.


Really, my right quad is killing me right now. I'm gimping around like I'm crippled. I'm gonna skip it from now on. Bizarre how one muscle can be so intolerant to injections. I wonder why.