Needles Don't Pierce Thigh Muscle

So i have a little problem with my thighs, the needles dont pierce my muscles, even if i push harder it only hurts, any advice or reason to this, might start injecting to glute now on, thanks for your answers and sorry for stupid question

Never heard of this. What size are you using? Have you tried running a drop of oil down the needle to lube it a little bit?

Thighs or quads? Thighs are inner, quads are outer.

What size needle are you injecting with? It should be a jab to break skin and slight push to get into the muscle, deep enough. Its not like you are working with Tom Platz quads.

Pick a spot in your quads. I always make an X mark with my finger nail into the spot I want to inject. Then I swab it with alcohol pads. Then Jab, then gently push further.

Dont just put the needle onthe skin and try and push.

Your muscles are just too swoll bruh


If I inject quads or delts I have to use a new needle. Injecting with the needle I drew with in those areas is like what you described. Once it finally breaks through I can feel each layer of skin being punctured. Sometimes I go really slow so I can hear it lol

I draw with 23g and inject with 27g in quad

About 1 inch needle and 23gauge ädont put it fully when i inject, a few mm left on needle when i inject, thx for answer and put on outer thigh on the side of the leg

I tighren the skin and jab mut dont go throigh the muscle

Stop tightening the skin. Stop flexing the muscle and relax. Deep breath, then jab.

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I dont flex, maybe because the lil afraid of needles flexes the muscle, i try on friday when i jab the susta

Make sure to the take the weight off of that leg. Or some guys sit down and pin. Personally, I pin very high up on my leg as I’ve found that there is minimal pain and nerves. See below:


1 inch needle good for thigh injection?

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I use 23 or 25 guage 1 or 1.5 inch needles to inject. You dont have to go the full 1.5 if not necessary.

This is what I use. 23 gauge

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I use 27g 0.5" … I must be a pussy or something lol

22 gauge 1-1.5". Fast and smooth.

I use 23gauge too

And also there was no resistace so i like

I inject from the outer side, lifted the injecting point closer to waist and tadaa it go through easily no pain at all:)

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Glad it worked out for you brother!