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Needles and Syringes.


To get things out of the way, THIS IS NOT FOR ME.
My buddy is wanting to juice it up now... Fine, his issue, whatever. He has gotten himself some test and some dbol as well as tamoxifen and proviron.
To get the test in, obviously you need a needle and a syringe. Now, here is the issue. He has gotten himself 18 10ml syringes with 21G 1.5'' needles.

He insists it is fine. I have my doubts, and would like to see if they are justified, cuz I think that the huge syringe will mean tons of wasted product, and the thick needle will be painful. He reckons I am talking shit and just trying to dissuade him.
What would you say about this choice of syringe/needle??
Oh yeah, he wants to do 1.5 ml injections.


your concerns are valid. smaller is preferable. nothing wrong will happen with the larger ones though.


I actually had to use 5mLs for a while because its all I had and was waiting for 3mLs to show up. They were a pain to use. The plunger sticks more because its bigger so its harder to push in, although you would think it is easier. And trying that one handed on delts is a joke. Obviously you can use them, but i would rather use a 3 ml.


okay, cool. I recommended he cut it with some B6 so he'd not waste so much.



B6 is water based.


The issue is with the syringe size, 10cc syringe is big and hard to handle one handed. Also the needle size is fine, what we routinely used in the ER for IM injections. If you are going into the GM.

Plus why cut this? The amount of any substance in an IM injection is what is the issue. So instead of 1.5 cc you are talking about what 2-3 cc. That shit will hurt.


k... Well, I dont know all this shit. But thanks anyway.