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Needle Unsterile?

I went to inject test-e but the needle was bent, I replaced it with a fresh sterile one but pricked my index finger (had washed my hands before, but handled some packaging after. I then used the needle to inject redgardless.

What are the chances of infection?

Thanks :slight_smile:

How is the injection site? Sore, swollen?

You pricked your finger on the fresh needle? I think you’re safe tbh. Have a look over the sticky at the top of the page regarding injection pain.

If it helps, I had a syringe in my lips a few days back while I sorted my vial out and it slipped out my mouth (with a ml in it), right into my quad by about 1/2 an inch. I laughed withdrew it, swabbed again, and injected.

Very, very low.

I wouldn’t worry.

only real issue would be obtaining a blood bourne issue with the finger prick.

being that it is your needle and your hand you have no issues.

if you pricked yourself first you would have about the same chance of infection than you would if you placed the pin on the exposed skin on the injection site.

Prick? yes! Infection? No.