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Needle/Syringe Problem

Hey everyone, I have a problem. I happened to look closely at my syringe today after injecting. After letting what was left in the needle settle it seems like half my damn dose (10mg ED) was still in it! No matter how hard I pushed on the plunger that last bit of test would not come out.

Is there any needle out there that circumvents this issue? Is this what is meant by “dead space” in the needle? Did I actually get my dose?

Is this the first time you noticed? If so it may just be an anomaly. See if it happens again.

Perhaps there was air in between the oil somewhere.

Yeah, this is the first time I’ve noticed that much oil left in the syringe. I keep telling myself I got my dose because no matter what’s left in the syringe, from the high dead-space, it was still filled to the .05ml line. Maybe this is just wishful thinking.

Can I expect a roller coaster to start again if I’ve been missing this much test?

If it was filled to 0.5 after you pushed the plunger to expel all the air then you would have injected 0.5 as there would be more than 0.5 in the syringe (0.5 + the amount that’s in the needle bit).

I have to draw an extra 0.05 into the syringe each time to cover this which is a lot on EOD injections (drawing 0.15 for a 0.10 dose). So much wasted T. I’m getting some insulin syringes which I will back fill and hoping there is less dead space in them than ones with removable needles.

You need an insulin syringe with no dead space design.

Right, the amount on the needle tip hopefully would’ve been what I saw at the end. I’ve been using these needles for a while and my blood work seems ok so I think I’m getting what I need. But yes, what a waste of T.

I used some from BD that my pharmacy gave me once, there was very little dead-space in them from what I remember. I’m starting to hate the removable needles.

Order online. 20 bucks for 100 insulin syringes. One piece. Needle not detachable.

Any recommended sites? Also, do you backload or draw/inject with the same needle?

Ya I use insulin syringe and it has no deadspace like says said.

Btw I haven’t had any issues pulling cypionate with an insulin syringe. It was compounded with grape seed oil. It takes very little time.