Needle Sizing Preferences

Yeah was going to ask about that, why do we use one need to draw and one to inject? Do I need to do this? I’ve only put 23g 1.25" needles in my basket so far but I might just use them for drawing them and stick to 25g for injecting as I said previously?

because sticking it through a vial blunts it, then when you try and stick it in your ass cheek it hurts like a bitch. Also potential sterility concerns from things like airborne pathogens, but that’s probably not worth worrying about. Swap out the pins; trust me on this. Not worth the risk.

yup, that’s what you should do.

EDIT: the exception to this is slin pins. You can pin and draw with the same slin pin.

Smashing, that’s that sorted then! I need to spend more money on pins now haha!

yeah unless you want to needle exchange it. Probably not a good idea if you’re in a small town in the highlands where everyone knows you though…

Absolutely no chance that’s happening!

I only use 25g 1" in the quads. I use 18g to draw. Bought 100 syringes with the 18g needle and 100 - 25g needles and enough wipes for about 37.00 (USD) shipped. I figured it would run out quick. I’m surprised as to how many I have still for once a week injections.

flows very nicely. no changing needles for drawing and injecting

I’ve heard this over the years but I’m not sure I believe it. Drs and hospitals dont change the needle prior to injecting and i’ve never had a problem with this.

literally takes seconds to change them, and they cost pennies

So can the needles themselves be swapped without having to change the whole syringe then? I’ll just buy the cheapest needles for drawing and then use 1.25 or 1.5 for pinning

yeah. Think about it, you can’t exactly change the syringe when it’s full of hormones

Makes perfect sense really, I wish I’d been blessed with a brain at birth sometimes

it’s fine, soon you’ll have big muscles. No need for a brain.

For peptides [hCG, hGH etc] you can do #31 0.5ml 5/15" insulin syringes
Many?most TRT guys at the TRT forum are injecting T with #29 1/2" 0.5ml insulin syringes *.
Above are very cheap. ~$14/100 at Sam’s/Walmart, Relion house brand - made by BD.

  • if 1.0 ml, the wider piston face develops less pressure and extends injection time.

Many TRT guys are injecting SC to avoid decades of muscle damage.

You can get 0.3ml syringes, but these are too small to hand for males.

Thanks everyone for replies, I think I have my needle sizing and choices sorted out now it should look as follows;

Inject (glute): 25g 1" (orange)
(quads/shoulders): 27g 5/8" (grey)
Draw: 23g 1.25" (blue)
HCG: slin pins SQ/green pin to mix