Needle Sizing Preferences

Here is a link to my previous thread regarding my first cycle

My next question is what needle size is best for test e injection into the glute? There seems to be a bit of room for personal preference. I’ve read anything from 21gauge to 25gauge can be used at either 1, 1.25 or 1.5inch? Also when injecting HCG, is an insulin needle advised?

Thank you in advance

Yes use insulin pins for subcutaneous HCG injection.

For Glute i use a 29g 1" orange pin. For all other sites i use a 29g 5/8"

I use a 1" 25g for glutes, slin pins for shoulders

If i were doing more than 1.5ml at once then i would probably use a larger gauge - takes quite a long time to inject 1.5ml with a 29g and hloding the position for glute is not fun

that’s why I don’t use a smaller gauge for glutes. It’s a fucking nightmare reaching back there so I just squirt that shit in as quickly as I can!

Yeah 23 and 25 seemed to be the most favoured options for glutes. I’ll probably try a 25 first and start with a 1" I think.

I’ll maybe need to read up on insulin pins then to find out what the best choice there is, any preferences with HCG jabs?

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Preferences regarding what exactly?

Just get some 100 unit insulin pins - i think they are normally 30g 1" or 0.5" but this doesn’t really matter that much. You inject subq and most people just do this into their belly fat.

I’ll check out insulin needles then. Doesn’t sound like it’ll be too hard to get the wrong insulin pins which is good!

Now I just have to hunt a source

for the pins / needles etc?

If you are in Scotland then there are plenty of legit UK based medical supply companies that you can buy all this stuff from online. I’m not sure if forum rules prevent me from giving you the web address?

For pins and also for the test/nolva/adex and HCG.

Is there a private mail part? I don’t want you posting any links and getting in trouble with admin

The legal stuff (needles/syringes/alcohol wipes) you can find easily buy googling UK medical supplies.

I cannot help with the other stuff

Ok no worries, I’ll just need to browse and see what I can find. Thanks for your help! No doubt I’ll have some more questions before my first cycle lol

I use 23g, 1.5 inch for quads and glutes

it’s super easy to get pins and stuff in the UK. Literally just google “insulin syringes for sale” and go to the first company that pops up.

If you’re really cheap and/or have no shame you can go to a needle exchange. I’ve done that a couple of times. It’s pretty embarrassing.

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Ouchie! Why so big?

20 character shizzle ma nizzle

27g, 0.5 inch for delts and quads

Yeah @Yogi1 I think I’ve sourced all my pins and injectables. Do I need to wipe with an alcohol wipe first? Is there anything else I need to buy?

yeah, swab everything. Swab all your vials before you put a needle in every time, and swab the injection site.

Don’t cut corners with this. It only takes a second and if you get an abscess you’ll be angry at yourself.

Nice, I can get them from the pin source too. Happy days. Bit more reading to do before I’m ready though I think

yeah, try not to shit yourself too much when you do your first ever pin! Haha. It’s a fucking weird feeling the first time but you get used to it.

Also, don’t just buy 25g pins. Get a couple of bigger ones (21g, 23g) to draw from your vials