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Needle Sizes


Hello people

I am due to start my first cycle soon and the last thing i need to buy is the needles and syringes. I will be shooting 500mg of sust every week (2ml shot). What size needle and syringe is reccomended and where is the best place to get hold of good quality sterile needles.

any insight?


Every week, eh?


for a 12 week period


Sust should be shot EOD for most stable blood level (actually every day for optimal). E3D is the least frequent interval that will still keep relatively even blood level.

So if your sust is 250mg/ml concentration:

EOD: 0.6ml (150mg) = 525mg/w
E3D: 0.9ml (225mg) = 525mg/w

There are a bunch of online providers at low cost (example: http://www.gpzservices.com/).

I like to get 1ml syringes with no needle separately and a variety of needles to attach as required.

I use 22 gauge (22G) 1.5" to draw from vial and then switch to a fresh 25G to inject. The long length is only really needed when getting last bit from bottom of vial or reconstituting HCG.

1.5" for glutes & ventro glutes (I actually get away with 1" for these sites)
5/8" or 1/2" or 1" for quads, delts & pecs depending on leanness.

I use 50CC insulin syringes for HCG and also for small doses of oil as during a stasis/taper PCT. I draw and inject with the same needle in that case.


Well said


cheers for the info,

not too sure about the gauge sizes though, why would I want a bigger one for injecting?

Also, im not a huge guy by any means (5.10, 165 pounds) would i get away with a 1" for the glutes injection or is it hard to judge?


There is no way in hell you should be starting to use AAS at this point. Possibly at any point. No way.


The higher the gauge number -> the smaller the diameter of the needle. You should be OK with 1" for glutes. Make sure you sink it in all the way. If you have a lardy butt, use 1.5".


Why? We have no real stats (age, yrs lifting and so on)

You would say no aas because of his weight and height?



Yep sure would.

5'10 and 165 is tiny. Means he has no experience to speak of working out or eating.



Good call....



For sake of simplicity, you can order a box of 3ml syringe and one box of 25g 1.25 inch.
I personally would do quad shots, its more painful, but easier to inject.
Don't worry about injection ED, just do 2ml once per week, alternating left and right quad. I doubt it will make any difference in the end, at your level of training. It's just not worth the hassle, if you are only using sustanon at low dosages.

However, I strongly recommend you NOT to use sustanon for more than 10 weeks. It takes too long to clear your system. I think 750 mg of sust for 6 weeks is a much better alternative. 3x1 ml injections per week (sun,tue,thur) using quad, and delt sites for injection.


op, 165 is small for your height. But I am not going to pass judgement on you. Using AAS for body enhancement is no different than doing botox injections. Just make sure you got all the support drugs ready. Use human grade if possible. and support the PED industry, it will make the world a better place.


Let's see:

Going to shoot sustanon once a week? Check. (It's always sustanon, isn't it?)
Very low body weight to height ratio? Check.
Extremely low post count and very recent join date? Check.
Perfunctory, nearly dismissive response to major cycle change recommendation without any further questions as to how this is going to affect his original plan? Check. ("cheers for the info" ???)
Creepy avatar? Check. (I know I didn't have to go there. And I did.)




I've been working out properly in a gym environment for 2 years now. And i'm 11 stone 10. I didn't say I was a big guy by any means, but I do know how to train and eat well i've just tured 18 and wanted to push myself further (hence the steroids). I joined this site a few days ago for some help with my first cycle so yeah obv my post count is going to be low.

And I apologise for not having mythical creatures on my avatar, my bad.

And to be fair 11.10 at 5"10 is above the ideal weight so chew on that westcock

Thank you to dynamo hum and mephistopheles for the much usefull information and for not being prats.


Just turned 18! Check.

Oh boy. Sometimes it is almost painful to be so insightful.

Just. Turned. 18.

You guys all read that, right?


problem being?


Yes. Exactly. Of course you have to ask.


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