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Needle Sizes for Test and HCG? IM or SubQ?


I’ve read the sticky about syringes and needles but I have a couple of questions. I’m not low on bodyfat and I store a big amount of fat on my lower body. My legs and glutes grow like crazy. I plan on injecting in my glutes (test e). Would a 23G (1 1/4 inch) be a long enough needle to reach the muscle. I understand that’s a hard question to answer just by describing the situation but generally could the amount of fat be larger than 1 1/4 inch in that area?

Also, can I inject HCG with the same sized needle? IM or sub-q would be easier and less likely to mess up? I’m kinda scared of sub-q injections and feel like they’re harder to do but that may be because I’ve done a IM injection and feel more familiar with the process?

Thats a huge needle no need for one that big or guage that small. Also sub q is so much easier than IM. Painless too

Side effects are a pain in the ass with high bf%. I started my current cycle around 22-25% which is too high. I’m 5 weeks in and around 15% now and at the same weight as when I started. I’m sure that sounds great to you, but diet, exercise, everything has been on point from day 1… and not until a few days ago did the sides let up. From week 3 to a few days ago it was a pain in the ass and waste of value gear. I’m telling you from my very recent experience that I should have waited before pinning. You need to wait man, I know you don’t want to hear that, but you need to wait. I don’t know much about gear, but I know you don’t need to be pinning right now