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Needle size

What is the smallest size of needle you guys recommend for oil-based juice?

I am using a 21 guage (because they were free) but man those are big. Would like to use a 25 guage if possible, but that may be too small.

Thanks in advance.

I load with 22 or larger and inject with 25 at the largest for quads and delts, which are my primary sites, when I use the glutes I go with 22. you can probably try smaller than 25, you will just need to patient as it will take longer to get the oil through.

25 gauge

23-25 works for me
Not that I would ever use steriods though.


Insulin rigs are used commonly for quad injections.

just what jt said. that is exactly the same thing for me. some guys swear by slin pins but for the life of me i dont see how. i know rainbow loved them but i cant get a 30g pin to work for me. no matter how slow i inject. 25 is about the smallest i bother with.

29g insluin works for the delts good. i have seen 27g insulin. 25g works great for anything else.

i’ve been shooting w/ 22 gauge cuz thats about all i can get around this poop ass town as of right now. i don’t have any problems w/- doesn’t really hurt or anything- except this one time w/ the left shoulder! put it too far in and bruised it like a fuckin moron - ahh well
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Iuse a 23 for glute and 25 for quads and delts

I’ve used 23 gauge just about everywhere with no problem.

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