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Needle Size for Test Cyp? Where to Get It?


I am on TRT and have looked around for the best size needles people use for injecting test cyp and alot of people use different size needles. I am probably going to be injecting in my butt and are trying to find a combination of least painful and something that does not take 2+ minutes to inject.

I am 6'0, 300+ pounds with a good amount of body fat so I am thinking that I should do IM just to make sure its getting to the muscle/blood. I have no idea what size gauage or length would be a good fit for me though. Also, I would like to use my thigh in the future, but will probably use my butt because that is supposedly the best place from what I hear. In regards to where to get the test cyp.

I have read that sams club with business membership is cheap and women's internation pharmacy. I know sams uses watsons, not sure what WIP uses, but if it makes a difference in what brand test cyp you use, please let me know as I am very new to this. If I go to sams club, which more than likely I will be doing, I would like to get my needles there as well. Could somebody recommend a good size needle for me that I could buy from sams club.

And do you need a prescription for the needles. I wouldn't think so, but want to doublecheck. I am going to be doing 75 mg shots on Monday/Thursday. I have posted my story and situation on a few other forums like meso-rx, but don't have time to explain everything right now. I will do so in the future. I am glad that I found this forum because there are alot of really smart people here who have alot of experience. Thank you in advance for any replies.


A Canadian study showed that SC injections worked better, less T spikes and less lows before next injection.

You can inject with 1ml #25 1" syringes in belly fat pinched up injecting laterally so the needle is not going deep or towards muscle.

Later with less fat, you might inject IM into your vastus lateralis if you can find any reason to want to.

Some inject small amounts EOD with .5ml [50iu] #29 .5" insulin syringes.

In many states you can get insulin needles without a script. For others you need a scrip and your doc will write that. Get boxes of 100 for major savings.

You need a business for that Sam's business membership or get a sub-card from someone you know.

Test cyp is test cyp, only variable is cost. Make sure that it is 200mg/ml.


Thanks for the reply. The is a minor situation however and that is that the doctor is writing the script for 100mg/ml. I have heard that the 200/mg/ml is better and at least one case I saw the person's test levels went down when switching to the 100mg/ml. Also, I am not to sure about Sandoz test cyp, as I have read numerous posts saying that people have gotten bad batches. I am trying to find out what Womens International Pharmacy carries and will probably call them tommmorrow. I have read the study about the sc injections and it looks good, but I think I might try IM in the beginning just to see how it goes. If I am going to do IM in the glute, would a 22 gauage, 1.5in be good. That is what my doc is recommending. Or can I get away with something less painful that is still an IM shot that won't take 1-2 minutes to inject.


Docs mostly just read what recommended decades ago - 1.5" in the butt. As that is a pain in the ass, pun intended, one then typically does not want to do that twice a week.

Tell the doc what you want to do. You should be able to decide how the dose is delivered. Many find that weekly injections are not good for them with T spikes and lows. That also leads to higher E levels.


I use a 21 gauge needle.. .....I stick it right in the thigh or calf. My wife is a nurse and used to inject me. She says I've got the thickest, toughest skin she's ever seen.

If you hold the bottle in your hand for a few minutes to warm up the liquid it's easier to draw.


My first injection was with a 1.5" 21g needle in the glute. The injection went fine but man was that area sore for almost a week. I think it had to do with the fact that I was not able to stabilize the syringe as I injected. Now I inject into the quads with a 1.5" 23g. Once inserted, I stabilize the base of the syringe with one hand and plunge with the other. No pain what-so-ever during or after.


You may find that a 1ml #25 1" inserted 3/4" will work for you.


Im using test cyp as we speak and I have been using 1.5" 23# rotating between right and left thigh and right glute every 3 days.Man up your glute might be alittle sore but deal with it.