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Needle Size for SubQ Injections?

Hello. I just started with subq injections into my stomach. My doc has given me 31 gauge 5/16’’ needle to work with. I’m only injecting 30-40 mg at a time, starting at three days a week. Is the needle size large enough? Also, do I need to pinch the skin? I know most people do, but according do Dr. Crisler, it’s not needed. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

31ga is great for water based fluids like HCG.
27ga 1/2" easy touch is the most popular and easiest to use. Load and shoot in 30 seconds or less. If you have no fat you need to pinch to stay out of the muscle. I have always pinched even when I was fat.

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I use a 26ga x 3/8in needle and pinch the skin while injecting.

I use 30 g for both. I pull the plunger all the way to the end of the tube until it locks then i just hold my vial with the syringe hanging out and watch it fill. Takes me under a minute to fill to 20 units/40 mg

I think that’s what Dr. Crisler used, referenced in the article by TNation I came across. He was pretty lean.

what size needle?

30g .5cc 5/16"

oh nice! do you pinch the skin?


thanks bro

I’ve done four subq injections in the belly over the passed two weeks, using a 5/16’’ needle. I’m pretty lean and haven’t pinched the skin. Does using a smaller needle lessen the need to pinch the skin? So far, no bleeding or skin irritation.

To be sub Q you need to make sure your injecting in the space between your skin and muscle.
I use a 1/2" needle and have to pinch to make sure I don’t hit muscle. It always hurts more if I hit muscle like a little burning sensation. I have moved over to my love handle area I have found that to be even better than around the navel.

Interesting. I do feel a burn after the injection is complete, but not during that I can recall. So I guess I have been injecting into the muscle? Dr. Crisler was wrong about how to administer subq injections?

If you are fat no that works just fine but if you are say 12% BF you will hit muscle.
If you are referring to the YT video where he sticks himself in the stomach and blood comes out yea that was not sub Q and he should have never put that video online. I lost all respect for the man after that video.

Yeah I thought that was odd! Thanks again for the response.

I’m prob a little thicker than he was in that video and using a 5/16 needle, while he was using 1/2. Would that lessen the chance of hitting muscle without pinching? And if I’m hitting muscle in that area, are there any drawbacks besides a quicker release?

No drawbacks that I know of only pain. Why are you not willing to try and pinch up some skin so you can inject in the dead space you just created?

I don’t know if I am different than others but I can pull up a wad of skin from my love handle and lightly drag the needle across the skin and find spots I feel nothing. When I hit such a spot I just slowly push the needle in. 0 pain, no lumps, no PIP. I even blast this way injecting .65 ml(130mg) 3 times a week and it is great.

I’m just in the process of clarifying if it’s necessary/most affective way to go about administering injection.

I’ve read different things about pinching the skin subq. Most say keep it pinched until it’s complete. A few sources claim to stop pinching once the needle is inside. Which do you prefer?

I pinch the whole time.
Here’s a tip. Your mind can only focus on 1 pain at a time. If you can’t find a spot you can’t feel pinch tight enough you feel pain. You will never feel the needle go in. Try it. If you don’t like it go back to whatever you enjoy. I seek the least pain and this methods has worked for me for about 3 years. I have been on TRT for over 5 and I blast twice a year.

Sounds good. I’ll try the pinching method. Makes more sense to keep it pinched the whole time.

What do you mean by “blast?” Also, do you use hcg and if so, what is your protocol?

My protocol is 150mg/wk 1000iu HCG/wk and .125mg anastrozole 3x per week. But I don’t do any of that. i have been allowed to experiment with my protocol a lot and what works for me is 80-100mg/wk 400iux2/wk HCG and only take my AI if I feel I have high E2 symptoms.

This allows me to save up T cyp. thru out the year.
Now you ask about what is a blast. It’s when a TRT patient increases his dose from say 100mg/wk to 300, 400 or 500mg/wk for only 12 weeks.
In the pharma world this is called cycling. Or the recreational use of Testosterone to grow muscle at the gym. It is very important to learn before trying. Many young boys here end up cooking themselves and never are able to return to a natural T production.