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Needle Size for IM Injection?

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About to start trt,100mg(0.5ml) per week,50 mg every 3.5 days.
Any updated info on the best size needle for injection into thigh,im pretty thin.
Thanks for all the support!

Your T levels will be smoother with subq injections. No decades of muscle damage and 100% absorbed.

Many do IM or subq with #29 1/2" 0.5ml insulin syringes. ~$14 per 100 at USA Walmart/SAMs.

In general; the smaller the needle the better.

Also do any of the online coupons really work for getting a discount at the pharmacy,my insurance does not cover trt.
Thanks again for the time you dedicate to this site.

Some have found prices very good at Costco. Corner drug store is the most expensive option.

Many here are not going through insurance for their TRT needs.

Quick hijack here, but still along the same lines…

@KSman, I know this isn’t really in your wheelhouse, but do you have any thoughts on subq injections for higher quantities than .5-1 mL? like, maybe 3mL injections? Does that become problematic for subQ injections, or do you believe it’s still a good idea?

Even with small amounts of test cyp, there is sometimes a painful “knot” if you don’t rub the area.

I would imagine you could probably get away with like 1.5 if you did the rubbing afterwards, but that’s still a lot. The problem with sub q, I believe, is that the oil pools between the fat, unlike a fibrous muscle that it distributes through fairly easily, and has good blood supply.

If left in the pooled area, it irritates the surrounding tissues, causing the painful lump.

I have remedied the problem by rubbing the sub Q site. Ill wait until its healed, about 30 mins or so, and then rub and kneed the site for about 15second. Ill do it 2 times over an hour or so. No soreness or lump the next day.

So it might work with larger doses. 3ml might be pushing it though!

TL:DR- Sub Q should work, as long as you don’t leave the oil pooled in one area and help it absorb by rubbing the site.

I use a 23G needle to draw and a 25G needle for IM. If you choose IM that is. 5/8" for upper quads and at least 1" for glutes.

Im going to assume you are relatively lean? I have a good sized spare tire and inject with a 1/2" 30g right into that bitch and never felt anything post injection.

I do not expect that you can expect to find any knowledge of that in a TRT forum. To me, my instinct is that those amounts are a bad idea, but can’t say why. 1/2ml should be fine, we have some guys doing that.

Not true for all. Some get knots in belly fat but not on legs and some the other way around.

Needing to rub in the injection is not universal.

What is good for all is firmly pressing on injection point for 10 seconds to allow tiny vessels to seal-off - preventing bleed bruising.

Disregard if you don’t have that issue. However, I feel like it is more likely with the larger doses that Flipcollar is talking about.

Somewhat . I still have a decent amount of fat around the stomach to inject in.

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Yea, I didn’t really think so, but the pharma section is even less useful in that regard, since no one is doing SubQ injections in the first place.

Thanks though!

The only 29 1/2 needles in my area are .3ml,will that be ok sense im only injecting .25 at a time?

Not sure your area but you can usually order online. I usually go through Westend Medical.

I did my first injection last night ever,i just bought some .3ml and tried it,im new at this but didnt have any issues,i might if doc ups my dose,if so ill just throw these away,they were 19.00 for 100.

Ask at Walmart for #29 1/2" 0.5ml syringes in their “RELion” house brand.

0.5ml just seems too small-to-hand for me and my hands are not large.

I did,thats also were i got my rx filled,they took a coupon and it cost half what the local owned pharmacy wanted.They said all the had was 31 gauge and the others were discontinued in there store,didnt know why,the pharmacist was super nice and told me to check the local walgreens.I was just in a hurry because i wanted to get my first shot in.I will look around this week as i will benin a much bigger town.
I just looked at walmart.com and they looked to be discontinued there as well.

I did read the stickies but wanted to ask a short direct questions concerning my 6 week labs,he ordered total and free only so i am calling the nurse and requesting more labs,if they dont want to do them i will tell them i will pay and get them done elsewhere.Please add to or take away,thanks for the advise!
Total t
Free t
Free t3&t4
Estrogen(senitive lc/as)

Thyroid requires cortisol to function properly, add cortisol and Reverse T3. Otherwise you could be missing the big picture. You’ll likely have to do it yourself, discount labs. Doctors must justify running all those labs to the insurance companies.