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Needle Size for Glute Injections?

Quick question guys, is a 25 gauge 1 inch needle okay for glute injection? Or should I go for a inch and a half?

I use 25g inch for quad injection for test and tren.
And a 25g half inch for winny Injection into quad also.

Inch is more than enough unless your chunky.

I use 23ga 1.5" for glutes. This the most painless shot I take. Its not a highly sensitive area but stay upper outter glute. If you stick sciatic nerve its gonna be a real bitch. I reserve 25ga 1" for the upper quad area and any smaller muscle groups.

Okay great yes I find the glute doesn’t hurt
at all, I just ordered some 1 1/2 inch needles. I don’t like my quad for injections or deltoid.

If your body fat is good 1" deep is fine. If you are a little heavy, 1&1/2" would be better to get deep into the glute.

I usually use 23g, but 25 is fine too.
I find medical professionals want to use 18g, to inject into the glutes. I don’t even use an 18g to draw from a vial. Certainly not letting anyone come near me with that large a gauge needle.

18s are basically capable of taking down Moby Dick. When I donated (sold) plasma, it is what they used. I self inject, and I couldn’t even watch that harpoon go into my arm.