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Needle Length Increase from 5/8 to 1 Inch - Glute

For about a year I have been injecting in my glute (EOD) with a 27g 5/8 inch syringe.

My doctor recently gave me 1 inch syringes and wants me to try injecting intramuscular in my quad. I don’t feel comfortable and I can’t visit the office to have them show me.

I am comfortable with the glute injections. My questions are:

1-Is there any pro or cons using a 5/8 vs 1 inch in the glute?

2 - Does subq vs intramuscular make a difference?

  1. Depends on your Glute. Quads are way easier and unless you have a lot of fat shouldn’t be hard to do IM with a 5/8" (I do it every week)
  2. It depends. Some guys claim a huge difference, some don’t.

Try ventrogluteal injections with the 5/8”.