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Needle Length for Quad Shots?


Hey everyone. Question for you all… I’m using T. Cypionate at a rate of .35 CC every 4th day.

I’ve been using 5/8" 26 gauge but every once in a while I notice a little lump which I’m assuming is the liquid getting trapped between the muscle and fat layer. I found some 1 1/2" 27 gauge tips I thought I’d try. Do you see any issues going in a full 1 1/2" on the quad? I realize 27 gauge will take a little time to get it through, but like I said earlier it’s only .35 worth so not terrible amount of volume.




How big are you ? I am 6’1 290 and 22gx 1 inch in quad fine, even glutes, just go straight in.


I’m 6’, 190


90% of guys use 1 1/2 long pins, you’re plenty big enough you will be fine . I would alternate thighs and glutes though, dont keep injecting in only two places, go at least 4.


Thanks Joe. Good to know. Yeah, Glutes are really tough for me due to flexibility issues. I’ll give it another whirl though.


Your 3rd thread here.

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Suggest injecting twice a week and taking anastrozole at that time.
E4D should be OK

Many are injecting SC or IM with #29 0.5ml 1/2" insulin needles.
[Slow direct fill, injection time OK]
SC works well and avoids decades of muscle damage.
What is wrong with a bump under the skin?

What is current E2 with 1mg an anastrozole E4D?

Syringes are ~$14 per 100 at USA Walmart/Sams ReLion house brand [made by BD].
Use for T and hCG. [You can use #31 0.5ml 5/16" for hCG]


Hey KS… Yeah, there is a ton of great material in there. I’ve learned a ton from this site… Unfortunately, probably more then the team of doctors.

My E2 is an interesting and very confusing topic. I have low SHBG so my free E2 is higher then desired based on my total E2. When I get myself over 25 on the total E2, then my values for free E2 are above reference range. My current doc has pushed my total E2 down to 11 which puts my free E2 in the upper quartile of “normal” reference range.

My latest labs:

Total T: 755
Free T: 184.2
Bioavailabile T: 394.9
Total Estradiol: 11 pg/ml (ref: < 29)
Free Estradiol: .34 pg/ml (ref: < .45)
SHBG: 16

My hematocrit and hemoglobin have started to rise on me (now in the upper edge of reference ranges). Which is why I was thinking originally in trying to go deeper into the muscle tissue.

Any insight would be appreciated! Personally an 11 with E2 seems too low, but is contradicted with the free E2 reading. So very confusing…


I do not see any connection. SC has lower peaks than IM and may be helpful.

The E2 VS FE2 is never really considered here. But I will keep it in mind as there are some others with low SHBG. We typically have considered that a good thing, but many seem to have issues. Also look for causes such as diabetes etc

More re FE2: T+SHBG is tightly bound and non bioavailable. E2+SHBG is not tightly bound and bioavailable. So this notion might be partly flawed your SHBG+E2 is still a player on the field. So I am uncertain about this consideration. How are you emotions? Overly dry? You could reduce anastrozole and your E2 will climb in reponse over one week and you can note if thing get better or worse or better then worse as you pass through a more favorable state.

When E2 is lower, your liver makes less SHBG and your liver probably sees FE2 and E2+SHBG. Your E2=11 may be making SHBG lower and that seems adverse.

TT, FT and Bio-T ranges might put things in perspective too. Low SHBG should be lowering TT and increase FT and Bio-T.


Yeah, we have ruled out the typical culprits… Diabetes, liver disease, thyroid. All look good. I have started backing off on the Anestrozol a bit. I’m trying to see if I can get total E2 up around 19 or 20 and keeping that free E2 just under the upper range and see what happens. Unfortunately, it’s a lot of trial and error it seems.

I’m sure I’m not the only one in this category, so il make sure to share my experiences