Needle Length for Fatties?

Hi Gents,

Recently going to go back on the gear after a 2 year break. I used to use 23g x 1.25" back when I was 85kg 6% bf. Now Im 102kg 18-20% bf, wondering if I should be using 1.5" instead? Always injecting glutes.

Probably a trivial question but going for the longer needle, is there any disadvantage? Im going to buy in bulk so wanted some peace of mind if others have tried the longer length. Cheers!

Both will work but I prefer 1.5” for glutes. I wouldn’t consider 18-20% a fattie but would recommend you drop a little weight and get in prime shape before starting. Prime as in the best you without gear first.

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I’m not fat nor lean (probably around 16%). I use between 19 gauge (primoteston comes with a 19 gauge needle) and 23 gauge at thinnest to inject. Length between 1’ and 1.5’.

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