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Needle Length and Absorbtion


Hey guys I recently began my first cycle . Ive gotten test prop from 3 different sources who had good feedback on the tsc forums. All three times vie felt nothing happening , not even morning erections after 8-9 days on the prop. I'm using standard insulin syringes and inject in my quads is it possible that the oil is not being absorbed into the muscle because of inadequate needle length. I'm fairly lean maybe 13-15% but I can barely pinch any fat on my quad. I have seen oil leak out of the injection site before.


Personally, I think you should be using 1 inch, 25 gauge pins if you are going into your quad. I haven't used slin ringes, but a lot of people on here like using them. A little oil leaking out after your shot is normal, if it doesn't stop (which I have personally never seen) then I would be like 'wtf?'


1" from a slin pin is the same as 1" from a 25, just less painful

OP your stuff is probably fake.


i dont think stuff should be leaking out op.



Damn. The length of the needle I use is 5/8 of an inch. I cant imagine the sources all being fake. The site I got them from has some posters from here. The sources had great feedback. Mind if I shoot you a PM Bonez?


Not if it has anything to do with a source.

Youve used each vial, each from a different place, for 8-9 days? And nothing happend.

I wouldnt expcet any muscle in that time, but libido and oily skin can be affected that soon

I shouldnt have said the stuff was fake. I assume you are using a fair amount. How much did you inect every day?

After the 2 week point you'd know if the prop was real or not, if it was a normal amount of like 500mg or more. Even a lesser amount ud feel.

It could be underdosed too.

Use a longer needle. Oil leaking out should be a rare occasion


i was injecting 75mg a day between 8-10 from each source. no libido. no oily skin. no difference in the gym. sucks. thanks for the help.


I dont use 5/8's for quads that is a bit short.

But you should be seeing something.

Switch to delts and pecs or use longer needles in quads before crying bunk.


I doubt the needle has anything to do with it. Heck on my normal TRT dose I shoot 80mg T cyp at a time SC and I feel that. Something is up with your stuff.