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Needle Gauge Technique

You’re supposed to inject air into vial first then draw. It helps push the medicine out.

Pull back on syringe
Insert into vial
Push air in (ie push plunger all the way in)
Tilt or turn upside vial upside down so the needle is submerged
Pull back all the way
Wait however long it takes to draw what you need

I just injected into the butt area
Didn’t hurt at all actually w 25 gauge

Did take a while to push the plunger down tho I had to push quite hard and slow

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Pull the plunger all the way back and hold it there. It will fill. Generally it takes less than a minute with a 28G needle. Should be even faster with a 25G needle.

BTW, what volume are you injecting?

I injected 7mL today which is 70mg of T

Assuming you mean 0.7 mL, which is 70 units on a typical U-100 insulin syringe. Given what you stated, we can also assume you have a 100 mg/mL solution. Right? You may wish to ask your doc to prescribe a 200 mg/mL concentration next time. You only need to inject half that volume.

.7 mLyes

My error

7mL would be 700mg of T

And he’s it’s 10mL vial w 1000mg of T

You can. Many people have no issues doing it this way. Personally, it doesn’t work for me. Pushing the needle through the rubber vial top, dulls the needle, so I can’t puncture my skin without a lot of effort. I know that a lot of you old farts have paper thin skin, so that may not be an issue for you.

I fill at least two weeks worth of syringes, using an 18g needle. If I’m careful, I use the same hole in the rubber, and don’t lose much oil.