Needle Gauge Technique

Can you use a 25 gauge needle to draw up the T from the vial as well as inject it?
So far I’ve been using 18 gauge to draw it up and switching gauge to inject

I don’t have many 18 gauge left


I use a 30g for drawing and injecting.

Last question
They are only one inch long
Not 1.5 inch

Is that enough length?

Yes you can. Ive been using the same gauge to draw and inject for years. Takes a little longer but not that much. I use 27g.

Damn 1.5? Where are injecting? In your glute? I use 5/8 and rotate thighs and dents.

So one inch is more than enough then

I’m tryin ever 3.5 days in the thigh vastus lateralis

So I draw up .7mL (70mg) (140mg) for the week

And use the same needle to inject…just do it slowly ?

I use 1/2". Yes, same needle.

I draw with an 18g and shoot with a 25g 5/8 into the shoulder. Can’t even feel the needle go in. 1” length is fine as long as you don’t have too much fat in the area. Also keep in mind that if you shoot with the same needle you draw with the needle is 50% duller when you inject. That is why I use a drawing needle.

BTW: Great place to buy online is They are really fast!

This is an unqualified YES! My original doc who is well-known in the TRT field originally started me on TRT with a 25G insulin syringe for both draw up and injection. It’s a much better antiseptic procedure than needle swapping and pokes smaller holes in the bung stopper of the vial. Since then, I’ve migrated to a smaller 28G insulin syringe and I like that a lot more.

The trick is in technique. Draw up and inject a volume of air into the vial that you plan to pull out. Then invert the vial and syringe and pull the plunger all the way back. The T will slowly drip or dribble into the syringe. Remove about 0.1 to 0.2 mL more than you need and then slowly inject the excess back into the vial to remove any air. The air bubbles will coalesce into a single bubble at the top. Continue pushing back the excess working the bubbles to the tip until you have the desired volume in the syringe.

I use 27g and its fine. Ventroglutes are the best place for me.

How accurate do you need to be wrt dosing

For instance if one week it’d 130mg and next week it’s 125 and next time it’s 140mg…just bc of variations in the syringe

How important is that to be EXACT or is it good enough to be within a few mg

How are you varying that much due to the syringe?

Bc I’ve never injected anything or anyone before it’d only been two weeks

But like I said what is the issue if you are off by a few milligrams

Probably nothing, but there’s no reason to find out IMO

Variations in the syringe? Just use the same type of syringe every time. If small doses then go with a .5 ml CC or shorter syringe.

I mean, try to always fill it to the same hash mark youre set to. But I don’t feel a difference between 1-3mg I stick with always filling it to the same mark. Some guys swear that 1mg difference makes a difference. Its in their head, I believe. Just don’t be to lax with your dose

Thanks all
Going to try and self inject tomorrow
I just can’t seem to get over the mental block
If your doing twice a week injections how close to 3.5 days are you
Like I did Thursday at 2pm do I realy need to wait til Sunday at 10pm?

It doesnt make that much of a difference. That was my first protocol. Thur, and Sunday. I just felt like I needed it to last a bit longer. So the smaller dose EOD began to sound more like what my body was needing. As for injection site. I prefer the Ventro glute. I read a thread here and someone had posted some video links. Thats how I discovered the method. Easiest way to locate is, watch some youtube videos on that method. No need to aspirate. Enjoy the ride. Start with your current protocol so that you’re sticking yourself less often. Or just get going EOD and make a decision 12 weeks later. You can order 27g-30g needles to give you a less noticeable shot. I use Nipro needles. They have a sharper bevel, and a wider inner diameter so it dispenses TestC as efficiently as a 25g, so they say. Haha. Well, 27g feels good.

A 25G needle is virtually painless. A 28G needle even less. You’ll be over the mental block after the first couple of injections.

Regarding accuracy of dosing, a single mark on the syringe is 0.01 mL, that’s only 2 mg assuming a 200 mg/mL solution. You should be able to nail it down to within a single mark on the syringe. It’s easy with just a little practice.

Regarding site of injection, please see the diagram below. I switch left and right leg each time.

I can’t seem to draw up the medicine
It’s like the needle is too thin to draw it up

And there is a vacuum pressure pushing it back in the bottle